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I took to my Facebook page and Twitter account and asked for article ideas from people and sadly most of the suggestions were actually about negative topics in TNA Wrestling. I am not afraid to be negative toward a company where it is due, but I actually wanted to counter and bring a positive article to the picture. Apparently no one wanted to see that though, but with the recent positive articles on the site within the past week or so, I wanted to not only spread the positivity but also give my own thoughts.

I would be lying if I said TNA Wrestling isn’t creating some sort of buzz right now. In fact, they have been creating buzz since Slammiversary! It’s terrific! It’s awesome! Buzz for them means buzz for us,! So, with TNA creating buzz either from their pay-per-view or their “live ‘tape delay'” show in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania or even their shows filmed in New York City… there has been quite the discussion going on!

One thing I give TNA Wrestling credit for is that they know how to create buzz. That’s right… TNA Wrestling knows how to create buzz! Whether it be the January 4, 2010 show featuring Hulk Hogan going head-to-head with WWE Raw or the August 1 Warning featuring Tito Ortiz. They create hype and buzz that we really don’t see too much in the wrestling industry these days and I love it!

As stated before, TNA Wrestling came off a highly successful pay-per-view in June! That was the start of their “adventure”. The adventure is breaking away from Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Yes, that did that last year, but it was poorly executed where the company lost money. This time TNA learned. They are booking smaller venues and they are taping a couple shows in one day over the course of several days. There’s positives and negatives to that entire situation, but let’s continue with TNA’s break.

6 sided ring

The shows TNA Wrestling taped in New York City are “top notch” shows. I didn’t read the spoilers, but we do know some of the matches announced like Jeff Hardy vs. Bobby Lashley and The Wolves vs. The Hardy Boys. Also, these shows feature the return of the six sided ring. Those aren’t even the surprises. Those are just the announcements TNA made. There are plenty of surprises during the show. The list goes on and on!

Spoilers can very well hurt the turnout of the shows. While I don’t recommend them, there are people who do read the spoilers and usually people who do read the spoilers do not want to watch the show when it airs. It’s their call, and that is the problem with taped shows, but at the same time these shows are going to deliver!

I heard from countless people who were at the Impact Wrestling tapings in New York City and there was not one bad thing said about the shows in general. Sure, the crowd on the first night chanted “CM Punk“, “ROH“, and other chants that aren’t relevant to TNA Wrestling at all, but those fans actually paid to be there, unlike the crowd in Universal Studios!

There have been many people who have been critical about TNA Wrestling recently, myself included. I am tough on the company because I want them to succeed. I may not like the particular direction they took the first half of the year, but from everything I am hearing about the future Impact Wrestling shows, my interest of the product is building back up. I can’t judge the show until I see it for myself, but my interest is there. I watch Impact every week, whether I want to or not, so my interest means nothing, but hopefully my interest is what other people are feeling. Hopefully many wrestling fans, whether they read the spoilers or not, check out the upcoming episodes of Impact Wrestling. Hopefully it interests them and they will tune back in week after week. That is the ultimate goal! The goal of not only gaining viewership but keeping them is what TNA wants and needs to succeed at!

In the course of 8 months or so, many fans are state that TNA Wrestling is in a new era. They state TNA is in the Post Hogan/Bischoff Era, Post AJ Styles Era, Post Sting, and Post Jeff Jarrett Era. Sure, those stars left the company. In fact, many more have left since then! However, TNA is in the transition mode. The transition doesn’t work overnight. It doesn’t work in a week. It doesn’t work in a month. It works in at least 6 months. It takes times. It takes patience. We can’t expect everything at once. TNA Wrestling is indeed in a new era, but this era… this one era… has been building since 2013! Whether you like it or not is subjective, but TNA is doing their best to conduct the best business for them… after all, TNA Wrestling is a business!

TNA London

Social media is huge in this age! It’s more like a lifestyle than a trend. Social media certainly helps people, a product, a website, or a business. However, it can also be hurtful. As stated above, spoilers can be the cause of death to any taped show, wrestling or non-wrestling. On the flip side, TNA Wrestling is counting on social media to create hype, buzz, and interest for their taped shows. It’s a hard task to do. It’s very difficult to entice people to watch when you can read what happens on the internet. With that being said, TNA needs to do it right. TNA already created buzz for their taped shows from the matches announced to the return of the six sided ring. Now they have to plug, plug, and plug! Social media holds millions upon millions upon millions of users! They can be reached. They can be talked to. Social media does wonders, and TNA needs to use it to their advantage. They need to reach out and connect. Beyond that, they need to create hype for the shows that will be shown on television. As they did in the past, they need to hype up a certain story a week or so before the actual show. They also need to realize, and I think they do, that backstage segments can really help in creating shock and huge announcements as they aren’t shown to the crowd at the taped shows!

Some state that the hardest part is creating the buzz and hype. That’s subjective depending on your experience, background, etc. I personally feel that creating buzz and excitement is easy. I love to do that. It’s fun to do that. The hardest part is actually expanding the buzz. The hardest part is actually continuing the excitement and hype. It’s not necessarily about the build-up but about the aftermath! Look at history… look at the 1/4/10 Impact show head-to-head against Raw! It created so much buzz, but at the end it didn’t do anything for the company. Look at the August1Warning hype from TNA last year. Look at it now and see what it got them. We all love surprises and hype. At the end of the day, the buzz is nothing if it doesn’t continue and benefit the company.

Dixie and Muto

TNA Wrestling is finding their break! They built momentum from Slammiversary and have been gaining it ever since! The left Universal Studios and produced quality shows that not only peaked people’s interest but also received rave reviews. They created cool hype for their upcoming shows and had lots of shocking moments during them. It’s TNA’s responsibly to not only capitalize but to carry it on. They are finding their break and they need to keep it going.

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  • VKM Ballickers are evil

    TNA have created a huge buzz & have got wrestling fans talking. TNA fans are saying food tastes better, the air seems cleaner & fresher.
    That’s just from leaving the Impact Zone.

    With more tapings in New York scheduled for August, this wrestling fan knows that TNA will provide fans with the hottest summer wrestling action.

  • Vincent Is Valentine

    Like the prodigal son, I forgive TNA for going astray by opting for the Hollywood route only to come back home after realizing it was all a mistake. Hopefully, they stay on course this time around.

  • Jay

    Yet this site leaks spoilers proudly as any dirtsheet

    • Alex Barie

      The only way spoilers can be seen on this site is if there is a link to them on here going to or if a writer accidentally puts them in an article, in which people would be warned about the spoiler.

      • Sean Prem

        With **Spoiler Alert**. Just avoid the spoilers, like I do myself, as Alex says.

        For example, you are warned in the title of the link: ‘*Spoilers* TNA Impact Wrestling Taping Results From New York City (Airing August 7) June 28, 2014′

  • Sean Prem

    This is an exciting period for TNA, definitely a contrast from last year