TNA Wrestling – Ushering In A New Era

I am reading posts, messages, and tweets from people trying to convey TNA Wrestling is going back to “the old TNA”. I can’t totally disagree with it, but I certainly can’t fully agree on the statement. TNA Wrestling has an 11 year history. Sure, the company hasn’t been around as long as Target or WWE, but 11 years accumulates to be a significant amount of time. It’s the company came to fruition, it has been on a rollercoaster ride. TNA Wrestling has had their ups and downs, but they have rich history. They have moments in the company’s history that stand out. These moments made people focus their attention on the company from Randy Savage appearing in the company to Hulk Hogan joining. When Hulk, and Eric Bischoff, joined the company in 2010 the company turned upside down. They changed the 6 sided ring to the traditional 4 sided ring. They moved Impact from Thursdays to Mondays. They went live every week for around six months in 2012. They even took Impact Wrestling on the road. 4 years and many changes. In fact, the company seen more changes than Barack Obama’s first four years in office. 4 years later and what’s new?

Hulk Hogan’s contract has ended with TNA Wrestling. From what I can gather, it doesn’t look like he will be back with the company. Eric Bischoff’s contract ends in the beginning of 2014, from what I read, and he is now “working from home”. Let me clearly ask… how can an Executive Producer of a show work from their house? The company is slowly fading away from Eric’s producing power. Where does that leave TNA, though? 4 years ago they were producing occasional live shows. 4 years they were occasionally having Impact travel. 4 years ago they were in Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Right now, 4 years later, and TNA is at the exact same spot. It’s easy saying TNA is turning back to being their old self, but the company is a lot different than that. The company is better off now than they were in 4 years.



One of the easiest examples on how TNA Wrestling is different now from 4 years ago is their production value. If you don’t believe me, watch a 2009 (or earlier) show compared to a 2013 show. The camera angles are better. The lighting is superb. The way it come across television is crisp and sharp. Honestly, it makes them look edgier and more professional. Something like this can’t be discounted. Something like this can’t be taken lightly. Production is a huge part of a wrestling show. If you don’t have the production, no one will watch. Imagine if you have a dark arena with little lights and camera angles showing little to no crowd interaction? Would that be entertaining? Would that keep you tuned in? I know wrestling in the 80s and earlier had that style, but do you see why it has changed? A show that looks unappealing makes it unappealing!

Star Power:


This is one area that we have seen a huge strength in from 4 years ago. Let me first say that superstars come and go all the time. That is the nature of the business. People leave because of money reasons or because they don’t like where they work or they simply want to take another career path. 4 years ago had the rise of Desmond Wolfe and Matt Morgan. Samoa Joe and AJ Styles were at the top of the card. The X-Division had a meaning and a huge influence on TNA programming. The Knockouts division was red hot. All are positives. 4 years ago and I see more star power on the roster now than ever. The company still has their veteran main event stars like Kurt Angle and Sting. The company also has more main event talent than ever from Austin Aries, James Storm, Bobby Roode, Jeff Hardy, Chris Sabin and we can’t forget about AJ Styles and Samoa Joe as all these men held the TNA World Title before. The company continues to build Chris Sabin while they are really making Magnus the star of the future. The Knockouts division is limited but still shine in their matches. We can see the positives 4 years ago and today, however, these different eras see a change of what the roster is about.

International Success:


The worst argument and insult a fan or a wrestling analyzer gives about TNA Wrestling is that the company didn’t grow. Simply put, they are wrong. People’s perception of a certain story or company is only what they are told. For example, a news station can report on a car crash and say that one driver lost control of their car and hit another car. However, another news station digs deeper into the story and states the driver was drunk and could barely see the road so he lost control and crashed. Do you see the difference? People who listen to the first news station only hear part of the story. They only know what they have been told. It’s just like the details with TNA Wrestling. You can read reports online how their arenas are only 40% or less full and you can state that the company is suffering. However, look at their numbers overseas and you will find out that TNA Wrestling hit a record number in Germany beating WWE. Facts about the company are all over the internet. It is your job to read beyond what you are given. TNA has amazing success internationally. It’s not just about the United States. TNA Wrestling is indeed growing.

Building A Home:

This topic just came to fruition a couple weeks ago when TNA announced that they will be heading back to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida for their weekly television shows (which is great as I wrote in a previous article). In the same announcement, Dixie Carter was stated to say:

In making Orlando’s Universal Studios our programming hub, we have the powerful combination of state-of-the art production facilities and incredible soundstages that will make it easier for us to launch this new production-intensive initiative. We will also be working with Universal to develop new and creative ways for park guests and fans from around the world to experience a unique TNA attraction.

Nothing states the whole situation better than the two words… programming hub! The company is focusing back on one area and they are expanding it to a whole new level… a level they never seen 4 years ago. The company will also be having their developmental system in the area. The developmental system is key for any major wrestling promotion, but that’s a different subject for another article! Bottom line, TNA sees the opportunity at Universal Studios and is going all out to make it a one of a kind thing that will only benefit the company.

Trial And Error Experience

I started to character TNA Wrestling as an experiment about a month or so ago. In an experiment, you want to test different objectives and theories in order to see if they will work. You want to see if they are successful. TNA Wrestling tested time and time again. They tested bringing big names like Kurt Angle and Sting into the company. They tested giving power to Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff. They tested the waters of going live every week and then moving to Mondays to compete directly with WWE Raw. They then tested the objective of going on the road to increase revenue and viewership. Some of these theories worked. Some didn’t. It’s all about testing. It’s all about experimenting. The company realized that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff didn’t perform as great as they thought they would… or at least I thought they would. Now the company understands what happens when they go directly against WWE’s biggest show of the week. Do you think they are going to do that anytime soon? As Dixie Carter stated in a video back in 2009, “No great success comes without risk.” The company needed to move to Mondays. The company needed to see what Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff would do. They needed to move Impact Wrestling on the road. All of those decisions were risks. They were huge risks. Success or not, they had to be done. The company now understands what where they fall. The company now understands what works and what doesn’t and they are less likely to make those mistakes again. Bringing in the masterminds Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan didn’t work. Sure, TNA can be blamed for how they handled Eric and Hulk, but it taught them for the future. It taught them who and how they can grow the business.

TNA Wrestling is seeing the end of the Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff regime. The regime lasted 4 years and the company changed dramatically. As the company fades away from the two, are they going back to where they were before Eric and Hulk but with so much more. They have the experience. They have the knowledge. In this sense, TNA is better off 4 years later. If one thing can be said about the 4 year regime of Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff then that can be described as simply as a learning experience!

Alex’s Assumptions:

Yes, Dixie actually responded to me about this. She has yet to answer my questions.

Yes, Dixie actually responded to me about this. She has yet to answer my questions.

I am not sure who likes my Facebook page or who follows me on Twitter, but if you do then you know that I started a campaign a couple months ago. This campaign is titled, “I want to interview you, Dixie Carter!” This campaign has been a success as I heard from Dixie Carter herself a month ago where she told me that she will answer several of my questions. She didn’t answer. I restarted the campaign and she just responded to me last week saying she will answer my questions again. She has yet to do so. I know I am getting her attention, but I feel like more need to back it up. Simply put, we all want to hear from Dixie Carter because we have questions about TNA Wrestling and she has the answers. It’s not about the sad false rumors that are going around, but it’s more about hearing her side and getting information. This can really happen. We just have to step it up. We need to get her attention. Help the site and let’s make history! Sign the petition above or go to this link for her to be interviewed by!

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