TNA Wrestling Weekly PPVs Vs. 2013 Impacts

When you watch one of TNA’s old weekly pay-per-views from the Asylum years, there are countless differences, some things have improved, however some things TNA did back then are things I wish they would still do today. I am going to be comparing a TNA Weekly Pay Per View to Impacts from this year.

TNA’s October 30th, 2002 weekly pay per view started off, and within the first minute of the show, an X-Division match between Tony Mamaluke and Kid Kash had already begun. Now, we are lucky to even get an X-Division match throughout the whole show, and it is even rarer to start the show off with a match. Almost every Impact nowadays starts off with a segment, and on the November 7th edition of Impact, there was not a match until 45 minutes into the show. That was an amazing Impact, one of the best of 2013, but it would have been even better if there was another one or two matches. At the time Mamaluke was 25, and Kid Kash was 33. TNA needs new young X-Division guys. It looked like Jeff Hardy and Samoa Joe were gonna go back in the X-Division, but now both men are back fighting for the world title. Anyway, Kid Kash won after a piledriver. It was an awesome match and a great way to begin Impact. It was matches like this that made the X-Division what it is, and I truly hope one day the X-Division can go back to being as good as it once was.

They then showed a backstage interview from earlier today, Mike Tenay interviewing Scott Hall. Scott talked about his match tonight for the NWA World Heavyweight Championship against Ron ‘The Truth’ Killings. He said Ron is a good wrestler but claimed the current champion is going to find out he is not as good as he thinks it is.

Next up was the NWA World Title match, Ron Killings vs Scott Hall. I thought this was going to be the main event, but it was actually only the second match of the show. Ron came out with a mic, and responded to ‘You Suck’ chants with ‘If I suck, you swallow.’ Ron had so much heat as a heel, and its truly disappointing that he is so misused in WWE. Scott Hall then came out, defending the fans, and the match then began. It was an average match, nothing to special to be honest. It was decent length, and it was pretty much back and forth. Ron won after a distraction from Mr. Wrestling 3.

It then went to a video package of Curt Hennig talking last week, but for some reason the audio didn’t work. It then went to a camera shot of the ring, and Tenay said something about trying to play the video again, but instead Jeff Jarrett entered. Jarrett then got on the mic, talked for a bit, and then Curt Hennig came out. Curt got on the mic and started talking, asking why nobody had ever seen Jeff Jarrett and Mr. Wrestling 3 in the same place at the same time. Hennig cut a pretty good promo, building up for their world title number one contenders tournament match for later tonight. Next up was a three team NWA World Tag Team Championship match between The Hotshots, Chris and Rick Michaels, and the current champions Chris Harris and James Storm. The three teams brawled outside the ring. The two challenging teams worked together, trying to take down the current champions. They were in control for the first couple minutes, but James Storm turned it around for a second, only for the two challenging teams to get back in control. The teams finally got in the ring, and Americas Most Wanted got in complete control. Rick Michaels then got in control over Storm and went for the pin, but one of The Hotshots broke up the pin, causing the two challenging teams to start being fair and realizing its every team for themselves. Rick Michaels got both Hotshots out of the ring, and Chris Harris went for the superkick but it was countered. Storm and Harris ended up double teaming Rick Michaels, and Americas Most Wanted remained the tag team champions, and remained undefeated.

The old tag team division had so much talent. There were a lot of tag teams, and they pretty much all had great chemistry and were good wrestlers. TNA still has a decent amount of tag teams, but Storm and Gunner had no chemistry at all, and them being champions made the division very boring. Now the Bro-Mans are champions, and they are more interesting champions than Storm and Gunner, but I still think TNA needs new teams that are brought into the company as a team, not random guys thrown together, or at least if they are going to put guys together, use guys that have chemistry together like Kaz and Daniels do.

Almost immediately after the tag match ended, the lights went out. When the lights turned on, the Disciples of The New Church were attacking Americas Most Wanted, and Father James Mitchell stood on the ramp smiling, telling Slash and Brian Lee what to do. Slash brought Chris Harris backstage, put him up on a table, climbed up to the top of some platform, and jumped onto Chris Harris, putting him through the table.

TNA needs someone like Father James Mitchell. He was not corny, he was legitimately scary. He was good on the mic, and wreaked so much havoc. Honestly, I think it’d be awesome if Father James Mitchell came back to manage Abyss. If they want to have Abyss how he once was, the best way to do it would be to bring back Father James Mitchell. Mitchell managed Judas Mesias at One Night Only: Hardcore Justice, so hes obviously willing to work with the company. I’d love to see him or someone similar to him in TNA.

Father James Mitchell then cut an awesome promo, and then they left. Then it showed another video of Mike Tenay interviewing Bob Armstrong, saying that there is a new rule. If a champion intentionally gets disqualified or counted out, they will not only lose the match, but their title.

Next up was BG James vs Ron Harris, a first round qualifying match for the number one contenders tournament. Within the first couple minutes, the attention turned to an attack going on backstage, Jeff Jarrett attacking Curt Hennig, who he is scheduled to face later tonight. Hennig was bleeding a lot, and security pulled Jarrett away from him. It then showed backstage again, showing Hennig’s head getting treated. Bob Armstrong then came out and told the referee, Don Harris, who is Ron’s brother, to go to the back or he’ll suspend him and his brother. Then it went back to showing backstage and Jeff Jarrett was once again attacking Curt Hennig, and then went to a splitscreen showing both situations, before going back to just showing the situation happening at ringside. Don Harris then punched Bob Armstrong, laying him out, distracting Ron Harris, causing BG James to get the rollup victory. Honestly, that whole thing was really confusing, especially when it went to the splitscreen, it was really hard to keep up with. The match was decent, and I’m glad BG James won.

Then they showed a video package of something that happened the week before involving Mortimer Plumtree and Ace Steel. Next up was a mixed tag team match, Jorge Estrada and Priscilla vs Ace Steel and ‘Miss TNA’ Bruce. Bruce was attacking Priscilla outside the ring, and Jorge did a SICK suicide dive onto Bruce, which was easily the highlight of the match. Bruce and Ace then were in complete control for a couple minutes, and Jorge went to tag in Priscilla but Plumtree knocked her off the apron. Bruce ended up getting the pin on Jorge Estrada. It was an okay match overall.

Next up was Curt Hennig vs Jeff Jarrett. Hennig came out, hardly able to walk, with blood all over his head. Hennig was not even in the ring yet when Jeff Jarrett ran out with a steel chair and hit him with it multiple times. Jarrett then rolled Hennig into the ring, did a couple moves, and then pinned him easily. Jarrett then went to attack Hennig, when security came in and tried to stop him, but he fought them off. Jarrett then went again backstage. This solidified Jarrett as one of the top heels in TNA.

It then went backstage to Goldylocks interviewing Jerry Lynn, and then a video package, and then Goldylocks interviewing Sonny Siaki. Then it was Jerry Lynn vs Sonny Siaki. I have always been a fan of Jerry Lynn, so I’m hoping Lynn wins this. The winner advances in the number one contenders tournament. Even though both of these guys are good wrestlers, for some reason I really couldn’t get interested in the match. It’s not even that it was a bad match, because it wasn’t. I don’t wanna say it was boring, it was wasn’t that great of a match, until the end. They both got a couple near falls, and then Jerry went to throw Sonny into the ropes, but he ended up hitting head on with the ref. While the referee was down, Siaki brought a steel chair into the ring. He went to hit Lynn with it, but Jerry ducked and then dropkicked him. Jerry then went for the pin, and would have won, but the ref was still down. Jerry took advantage of this and tried to suplex Siaki onto the chair, but ended up getting DDT’d onto it. He got the ref up and went for the pin, but Jerry kicked out at two. Sonny Siaki ended up getting the win, using the ropes as leverage when he pinned him. Like I said the beginning was boring, but the middle was AMAZING. I didn’t like the end though, I feel like heels have won every match.

After that there was some segment with Brian Lawler, but it was really boring in my opinion, so I’m not gonna even talk about that. Next was the main event, an X-Division title match between AJ Styles and Amazing Red. This match was AMAZING! It is matches like this that made TNA. Everybody always talks about how good of a match AJ Styles vs Samoa Joe vs Christopher Daniels was. If this match took place a couple years later at Bound For Glory or something, it would be looked at the way that match is looked at. The ending was sick, and AJ ended up retaining his title.

The X-Division used to main event shows, now it is looked at as just another division. The X-Division was the main part of TNA, now there is hardly ever any X-Division matches on Impact. The Ultimate X match at Bound For Glory OPENED UP THE SHOW! Honestly, they NEED to start focusing on the X-Division more. Manik is young, he is fast, he could be one of TNA’s top stars, if they ever booked him.

TNA also needs to focus on wrestling more. Yeah, they focus on wrestling more than the ‘other company,’ but there is still only four matches per show most week. They have so much talent, they just need to learn how to use their talent. They need to go back to how they used to do things. They had GREAT storylines, and they didn’t need a 20 minute segment every week to make the storylines good! On this show, there were DOUBLE the amount of matches we see on Impact every week in the same amount of time, and almost every single match was good!

Amazing Red should come back. He is only 31 and right now he is in indies. Even if it is just for a few shows, TNA needs either to bring back some originals or get some new talent, because right now the X-Division is a mess.

Don’t get me wrong, I legitimately enjoy the current product, I just really wish it could be as good as it once was, and I honestly think if they hire some young guys, have more matches, and less segments, TNA could be as good as it was back then.

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  • Sean

    Jake as in TNAisAmazing? Awesome!!!! Great to see you here, I thought it was you.
    "The old tag team division had so much talent. There were a lot of tag teams, and they pretty much all had great chemistry and were good wrestlers." And how you use, 'America's Most Wanted' as an example compared to Gunner and Storme. I do like Gunner, but as youve said in the article, their chemistry is not nearly as good as the Harris and Storme had. It could be argued that they were better than Beer Money Inc too.

    I love the memory lane of the old pay per view. James Mitchell, that brought back memories. Jerry Lynn was a pioneer in TNA no doubt too. Nice read

    • TNAisamazing

      I also like Gunner. I think (if they bring back the TV title which I think they are going to) he could be a decent TV Champion and maybe even one day a world champion (He'd have to get a lot better, but anything is possible I suppose).

      I have thought about who is better between America's Most Wanted and Beer Money Inc and I can not decide. I think America's Most Wanted were better wrestlers and had more chemistry wrestling, but Beer Money had a great gimmick and were just fun to watch. In the Weekly PPV this article is about, AMW had a segment and honestly Harris wasn't even on Storm's level on the mic. Roode and Storm are both awesome heels, especially Roode. I hope Storm turns on Gunner, they could have a decent feud (not as good as AMW's break-up feud, but that was an awesome feud)

  • Alex Barie

    Hey Jake! I am glad to have you on the board. Very interesting first article!

    There are two things I want to mention. First is the X-Division. I completely agree with you on it. I feel like the company can really use the division to their advantage to open their shows. I wouldn't suggest that they should do it every week, but at least once or twice a month. It really gets the crowd into the action and the show. That's the main purpose of it when they do it at pay-per-views.

    I do have to disagree with you on the "more wrestling" idea. While I love to watch wrestling, and even stated during last week's Watch Party during Impact Wrestling on that I sometimes enjoy writing the matches more than the segments. Writing coverage for the matches really gets me involved in said match. For example, Austin Aries vs. Kurt Angle. That match last week had me through the entire match because I loved writing the counter after counter and submission hold after submission hold. However, TNA did try to market their wrestling side with the whole "Wrestling Matters" concept. The shows didn't really see an increase in views or rating numbers like they were getting. They were stagnant. Now they are transitioning to the whole reality concept as that is a hot trend right now in the television world. I wrote an article about wrestling vs. storylines several months ago. While people would love to watch a classic wrestling match, the thing that gets people tuning in every week are the storylines.

    • TNAisamazing

      But there are ways to have good storylines without having half the show made up of segments. The storylines are important, but I think the wrestling part of storylines should take up more time than the segments. I enjoy a lot of the segments TNA has especially the ones with Bad Influence and Bully Ray, but I'd much rather have 5-6 matches per show and a couple segments than what they are currently doing. I like the Dixie segments, but I'd rather see some young X-Division guys have a 5 star match than Dixie complaining about AJ. Maybe since they are going back to the Impact Zone they'll have some returns at Turning Point? That'd be awesome to see some old TNA guys come back, even if its just for the tapings they're doing in Orlando.