TNANews: Bubblegum for TNA British Boot Camp 2!


Hello everyone and welcome to my newest article! Today I will be talking about TNA wrestling star Bubblegum and why I feel he deserves a spot on TNA British Boot Camp 2!

Bubblegum is a phenomenal wrestler and he is without a doubt in my mind one of the best wrestlers in the UK today. One thing that really stands out to me about Bubblegum when I watch his matches is that he is really good with his timing, Bubblegum always seems to react, take a move, and sell something at the right time and it’s honestly great to see. In addition to this Bubblegum is a great high flyer and he has great athleticism that helps mesh his wrestling style into one awesome flow when he is in the ring. Another great thing about his wrestling is that he always seems to surprise you at least a few times in every single one of his matches whether it be a surprise/hard hitting kick or a well executed flying maneuver. Despite Bubblegum being a shorter wrestler he is in my opinion one of the best talents by far that the UK has to offer and with his great wrestling ability he will have a bright future no matter where he ends up but if TNA was smart they would hop on this opportunity and take a deeper look into Bubblegum by putting him on this year’s British Boot Camp 2!

As we all know a great attribute for any wrestler to have is to be great on the mic, Bubblegum has “IT” when it comes to mic work and he keeps you interested throughout his entire promos. Why is Bubblegum so great on the mic and in promos? Well the answer to that is Bubblegum has the ability to stay in character, utilize his time that he is given to perfection, and his promos are very interesting, his promos are  usually very funny as well which keeps the fans invested into his work and it catches their eye. Some heels today tend to just be boring and you kind of want to go to bed when they are speaking but with Bubblegum he just has that ability to make anyone laugh but he can also be serious when it comes to kicking ass in the ring, which is refreshing to even the most critical wrestling fan. TNA please just give Bubblegum one chance and he will wow you, that is a promise.

Next we have his look and his character…. Bubblegum has a unique bad ass gangster type look from his attire to his attitude and he utilizes it perfectly to the point that you think this is how he really is in person. Bubblegum is probably the funniest wrestler in the world and I say that because like I said hes funny but he also proves himself in the ring to be a top notch competitor when you have great mic skills, great character work, and great wrestling collide into one bad ass wrestler it works 100% of the time and that’s exactly how Bubblegum is. As an addition to all of this great stuff that Bubblegum has he can also create a large amount of heat from insulting the crowd to beating the crap out of the fan favorite that he is put up against. TNA, Bubblegum is a bad ass and would fit on the roster… So sign him damn it!

Lastly we have the all important question that I ask at the very end of each of these articles. How can Bubblegum help TNA? Well TNA needs more X-Division stars and right now they have a lot of great talent but do they have enough heels in the X-Division? The answer is no. Tigre Uno, Manik, Sanada, DJ Z, and Crazzy Steve are really the only 24/7 X-division talents and with the rumors that appear to be true about Low Ki and Homicide getting signed by TNA (which is awesome) they are still faces. That leaves us with DJ Z being the only heel in the X-division, I really want Low Ki & Homicide in TNA but I feel we also need a fresh bad ass new guy that is a heel like Bubblegum to join the roster and that’s why I feel he would fit right in with TNA and the growing X-Division! Bubblegum can get the job done and prove to be a top talent in TNA not just the X-Division! So TNA… When are you going to announce Bubblegum as one of the members on this years British Boot Camp 2 huh? We are all waiting…. patiently!

Well that’s it everyone, I hope that you enjoyed this article! Please tweet this article to Dixie Carter (@TNADixie), Jeremy Borash (@JeremyBorash) and to the official British Boot Camp twitter (@BritishBootCamp) I would really appreciate it! Also if you could please tweet this article to Bubblegum (@Pipbubblegum) and tag me in these tweets @TheByronTaylor It would mean the world to me if Bubblegum read this and if you helped me it would better the chances of that happening! Keep tweeting #Bubblegum4BritishBootCamp2 and spread the word about this hard working and phenomenal wrestler, I hope that you have a great day everyone!

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