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Rob Maltman


Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new article! Today I will be talking about British ring announcer and interviewer Rob Maltman and why I feel he deserves a spot on this years season of British Boot Camp 2!

Why all the hype over a ring announcer? If you are seriously asking yourself that question before reading this you should be ashamed… ring announcers, refs, cameramen, etc.. work their asses off to help make the wrestling product that they are apart of become better for you so respect their efforts and work! Rob Maltman is by far one of the most passionate wrestling announcers that I have ever seen in my life, He has a way of making you feel apart of the interview when asking wrestlers questions and when he is playing the role of a ring announcer he has the emphasis that makes you feel apart of the action. Unlike some ring announcers/interviewers Rob is passionate about the wrestling business and he is dedicated to his job and improving his skills. Lets be honest when watching some interviewers or announcers they seem like they are about to fall asleep or they look like they cannot wait for the day to be over, its because its just a job for these people but if you watch an interview done by Rob Maltman you can tell he is into his job and that he loves it, he wants to go places and I feel his hard work should be noticed and rewarded by TNA giving him a spot on this years season of British Boot Camp 2! Let’s go back down memory lane who remembers Howard Finkel? It might sound weird but when you hear his voice you instantly know who it is and you become invested into the announcing part of things and to me Rob has that effect, this might just be me but I think he does his job better than Howard Finkel did because he is into the product that he represents and you can tell that he would be more than willing to help out the companies he works for in more than one way which is something TNA needs to realize and give this guy a serious shot at earning his contract!

How could Rob Maltman help TNA? Well TNA needs a backstage interviewer and trust me Rob would be perfect for the job, if you honestly don’t believe me please be my guest and go watch SWE 5 questions on YouTube (Rob is the interviewer for all of these segments) and you will see what I mean right away. TNA really does need a backstage interviewer and a new voice that is passionate would be refreshing! Also how do we know if Christy Hemme wants to focus on her job as a creative team member for the KO’s and take a break from announcing for a bit? Well don’t worry TNA because I have done some studying for you, Rob would be great for the ring announcing position as well. Last but not least the controversial part of this article….I like Mike Tenay, but let’s be honest we need a new commentator the popular feeling about Tenay is that he cannot show any excitement anymore and well maybe a new commentator is in TNA’s best interest and DING DING DING you guessed it Rob can do that job too! So TNA when are you going to sign him? Ok let’s not rush it but please put this guy on BBC 2!

Well that’s it everyone! I really hope that you enjoyed this article and please tweet this out to Dixie Carter and Jeremy Borash (@TNADixie and @JeremyBorash), Also please tweet this to Rob Maltman (@VoiceOfWrestlin) and tag me in the tweets @TheByronTaylor! Feel free to leave a comment below and tweet the hashtag #RobMaltman4TNA! Thank you everyone, I hope that you have a great day!

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  • Vincent Is Valentine

    It’s really time for Mike Tenay to step down from his position.

    • Brett