TNANews: TNA Should Sign Los Ben Dejos!!!


Hello everyone and welcome to my brand new article on Los Ben Dejos and how I feel they would be a great addition to TNA’s tag team division. In this I will talk about their wrestling, promo/mic work, character/look, and how they could help TNA.

Los Ben Dejos is one unique tag team that is very underrated, I feel that they are one of the top tag teams not only on the indys but in the world. Cruz & Rios both have great moves that wow crowds consistently throughout their matches whether that be double team moves or just individual moves done by either member of Los Ben Dejos. These two guys have a high flying style and a great technical wrestling move set that many teams on the Indys cannot compete with. Both Cruz & Rios understand how to get the job done and how they want to get it done which makes them more exciting when stepping into the ring because you know you are in for one hell of a fight. Los Ben Dejos have some history in some grueling match types as well as my personal favorite the ladder match, which Los Ben Dejos used great moves involving the ladder separately and as a team and honestly it was refreshing to see a team go out there and put their body in every risky situation possible just to make an attempt to get the win.

Both Cruz and Rios also do a pretty good job on the mic and in promos. It’s nice to see that neither Rios or Cruz outshine one  another in the ring or on the mic, they are equal and trust me it’s a really good thing because both Cruz and Rios are great at what they do. Los Ben Dejos mic work is unique because sometimes they are serious and sometimes they are funny, which makes it interesting and draws in fans because you never know what they will say. These two guys have also been able to show their sick and twisted side in promos when they wanted to which makes them that much more diverse because some teams can only be heel or face, but that’s not the case with Los Ben Dejos because they can be great faces or great heels, I personally like them better as faces because I think it fits them more and they seem more comfortable as babyfaces.

Another plus to TNA signing a team like Los Ben Dejos is that they have a look and character that separates them from everyone else so you wouldn’t be confused with who they were once you saw them regularly on your TV which needs to happen. The characters that Los Ben Dejos display each time they get in the ring is a funny but dominant tag team, in other words they like to get the crowds laughing and have fun while also kicking ass, taking names, and winning championships (They haven’t won the TNA Tag Team Titles…*hint hint* Dixie Carter & John Gaburick). Another thing is TNA wouldn’t have to go crazy with changing Cruz & Rios’s look because the look they have created for themselves has worked very well so all Los Ben Dejos would really need is some new gear if that. Come on TNA…. You know you want to sign them.

Lastly you are probably wondering how the hell could Los Ben Dejos help TNA? Don’t you mean how TNA could help Los Ben Dejos? Let me explain. TNA really only has 2 full time tag teams in TNA with The Wolves and The BroMans (Yes I know they have The Hardys and Team 3D but I don’t seem them staying together in TNA after BFG) The Wolves and The BroMans have helped get the tag division in TNA on the right track but after The Hardys and Team 3D break off we can’t just have The Wolves Vs The BroMans each and every single week. Los Ben Dejos is just like The Wolves in the sense that they want to help bring back tag team wrestling better than ever and where better than in TNA? A younger company that is rebuilding and heading down the right path with nothing but a bright future ahead. Los Ben Dejos are a legit team that want to have tag team success and TNA needs some legit tag teams, so who better than Los Ben Dejos? Cruz & Rios are a young, athletic, and charismatic team that has an insanely bright future ahead, I am being honest when I say Los Ben Dejos deserve TV time each week, I am not just saying that because I am a huge fan of theirs trust me… So lets help make this happen!!! One last thing, I would like to give a huge THANK YOU to The Wolves and Los Ben Dejos for making me interested in tag team wrestling because without them I don’t know if I would watch it, which is sad because I really enjoy tag team wrestling!

Well that’s it everyone! I really hope you enjoyed this article and please feel free to leave a comment below and share your opinion on this article and on Los Ben Dejos! Also if you guys could please tweet this article to Cruz (@Lucha_Cruz) and Rios (@Lucha_Rios) I would really appreciate it and don’t forget to tag me @TheByronTaylor in the tweet! One last thing tweet this to Dixie Carter and John Gaburick as much as possible and tweet out #LosBenDejos4TNA if we can make enough noise it could happen!!!! Have a great day everyone!

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    If there was ever a time to open the floodgates and let the tag teams come in, then now is that opportune time!