TNANews: Top 5 Most Patriotic Americans In TNA

Hello everyone welcome to my newest article! Today in celebration of July 4th I have decided to put together a list of the top 5 most patriotic Americans in TNA!


5.  Mr.Anderson!

Mr.Anderson is considered one of the most patriotic wrestlers in TNA because of the fact that he served for our country, What is more American than that? Another reason Anderson is #5 on this list is because he likes to drink beer, have fun, and he doesn’t give a flying **** what anyone thinks of him. He proves to be patriotic through his character of fun and games but pure seriousness when it comes to getting into the ring. In conclusion due to these reasons this is why Mr.Anderson is #5 on our countdown of the five most patriotic wrestlers in TNA today.




4. James Storm


#4 on our countdown is James Storm….Yes Storm is a redneck, but “The Cowboy” James Storm is an American redneck. Just like the majority of the stereotypical Americans Mr.Storm loves to drink and if you didn’t know that you should be ashamed of yourself. James Storm is also the type that does what he wants, when he wants to and he says what he wants, when he wants to just like your average American. One last thing on Storm….He wanted me to tell you that he’s “Sorry….NOT SORRY!”.




3. Gunner


#3 is Gunner and it’s obvious why Gunner is on this list. Gunner served for our country and he is very passionate about the fact that he helped defend our country (Thank you for your service Gunner) you can tell it just by the look on his face when speaking about America. Also in almost every promo Gunner includes his service in his promos (nothing is wrong with that) and it draws very respectful and loud cheers from audiences at home and in the live crowd. If you don’t think Gunner is patriotic and or if you don’t think he deserves to be on this list then you are crazy! ….. Wow that last sentence worked with his current story nicely haha.





2. Kurt Angle


Look at Angle’s gear, his glasses, and his pride they all represent the heart and determination of a true American. Kurt also took his place on team USA in the olympics and won the gold medal in wrestling in the year 1996. Now if those two points right there do not scream American than I don’t know what the hell does. Kurt is passionate about wrestling and putting on a show for the fans but Kurt Angle is also proud to be an American and that is something that he shows quite frequently online and on TNA, just look at last nights show that Kurt put on with all the red, white, and blue decorations!




1. EC3


Ethan Carter the third…..Many people might be pissed that I picked EC3 as the most patriotic American on the TNA roster but how could I not? EC3 is a “Hardcore American Icon” and that my friends is not just a gimmick!…. hopefully this article does not get me in TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE TROUBLE with any fellow Americans!


Well I hope all of you enjoyed this article, please leave a comment below on who you would pick to be in your top 5 most patriotic Americans in TNA! HAPPY 4TH OF JULY MY FELLOW AMERICANS and if you’re not in the USA I hope you have a great day!

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