TNA’s Chance: How Big Was The Impact


In my last article I stated that this past episode of Impact could be one of the biggest shows of the year because of all of the focus on the wrestling industry. The ratings shows that more people were watching this week then they have in a while. So the question is did they deliver? I am going to look at the points in my last article and see what I liked and what I didn’t like and what they should have done.

First thing I mentioned was Dixie’s tweet. She stated there would be an announcement to heat up the summer. I said that this announcement had to be good and while it didn’t have to be huge it just had to be good. The announcement of taking Impact on the road, well at least to New York, is good. It might not seem like a big deal to most but from a company stand point it’s a good sign. New York is WWE territory and TNA testing their popularity in that area is a good thing. This could also be the catalyst for Impact to venture out a little more (Please bring an Impact taping to California!). So I think this announcement delivered.

On to the in-ring performance. I feel that everyone put on a good show. The gauntlet was exactly what is was supposed to be. It was a good match and without Samoa Joe in the match we weren’t really sure which direction they would go, EY was the favorite and he did pull out the win. The knockout’s match was decent. I am still not sold on Brittney but that is a whole different article. But I think it was a good match in-ring wise, at least it was a lot better then what we have seen from the WWE recently. The tag team match was exciting. Originally I was upset that the Wolves didn’t win. My first reaction, another screwy finish from TNA. But after seeing the World Title match and reading RIc Santos article “Booking Impact” I felt a little better about the finish.

The World Title Match was great. When EY wanted his match that night my initial reaction was on just like DB, and reading reactions that’s what everyone thought. I really did not think EY would win the title on Impact as I thought it would be just to get Magnus a clean victory. But when EY got the three count I popped. I was excited. I personally am really happy for EY and thinks he deserves the title. I understand everyone concerns about it came out of nowhere and there wasn’t enough build. Here is my thought process and why I think it was a good move on TNA’s part. The world was watching wrestling this week. Many fans only tune into wrestling around WrestleMania. TNA need something big, what better way to get everyone’s attention then to give a TNA Original the World Title? Many have complained about EY’s comedy characters and always wanted him to be given the spotlight. Well now he has it. Can he get the job? I believe he will. How long will TNA run with him? I don’t know but I hope it is for a while.

One big glaring issue that I have with this Impact. No X-Division!!! I couldn’t believe the only thing we got from the X-Division was having Sanada in the gauntlet. What was the point of that?  I think TNA really needed to showcase the X-Division on Thursday. That division use to be the heart and soul of the company, but it was nowhere to be found. They could have like I said have a number one contender’s match. They could have just had any match. It does not matter, but the title should have been mentioned and the wrestler’s showcased.

I think Impact was a great show. It had good story telling, Dixie didn’t piss us off with the “announcement,” great matches, and it got us talking about EY. I usually do not see so much TNA talk going on following Impact. But it was good. All in all TNA made an Impact.


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  • Jon Harris


  • Jon Harris

    impact wrestling was not that big this week at all just another normal impact wrestling and it was stupid to put the title on young and tna did it ot copy wwe

    • Adam Eaton

      My fear was that it was going to be a horrible show. I thought it was better then most Impacts but I get what
      your saying about it not being that big.