TNA’s Focus On Youth; Part One



Sanada is 26 years old. On November 16, 2013, when AJ Styles was going around the world to defend his TNA World Heavyweight Championship, he wrestled Seiya Sanada in Wrestle-1 in Japan. On March 2, at Kaisen: Outbreak, Sanada defeated Austin Aries for the X Division Championship. The next day, he was officially set to work for TNA full time. What TNA has done best with Sanada is airing video packages of him talking and English subtitles showing. This gives us an in depth look at the character. As of now, he is feuding alongside James Storm with his former mentor The Great Muta. This feud should end at the year’s biggest pay per view Bound For Glory. With Sanada being mentored by a legend in TNA Wrestling and being one of the best pure wrestlers, his future can only get better.


Magnus 2

Magnus is 26 years old. Magnus was looking to be the next star in TNA Wrestling. He has the charisma and star power to slowly climb up the ranks and be a leader in the company. What we did not want was for him to turn heel too soon, which seemed to be what had happened. Magnus was aligned with Dixie Carter with winning the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. In his championship reign, Magnus was called a “paper champion” since he would not win a match by himself. People would always interfere to help him win the match. On April 10, 2014, Magnus lost the TNA World Heavyweight Championship to Eric Young. He started to lose matches continuously to where you wondered what the plans for the character were. His childhood friend Bram showed up backstage. He told Magnus that he had become soft. Bram tried for weeks to get Magnus to show a more violent side. Magnus would refuse and save wrestlers from Bram’s senseless attacks. When the time came that everything felt added up to Magnus and Bram feuding, Magnus aligned himself with Bram in beating down Willow. Together, they have been a hardcore and must watch tag team. Even so, Bram and Magnus feel to be breaking away from each other. Bram looks to be becoming a major force as a hardcore star while Magnus is being left to pursue his solo reign in hopes of once again becoming the TNA World Heavyweight Champion. On August 20, 2014, Magnus competed in the Six Sides of Steel match in a losing effort to become the number one contender for the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.



Bram is 28 years old. The NFL regular season starts this week. Lately, we have been watching the preseason. In the preseason, what you are looking for is someone that jumps off of your screen and makes you take notice of a player. This is exactly what happened with Bram. Right away, since his backstage debut with childhood friend Magnus, Bram jumped off the TV screen and slapped me in the face. The way that he looks with his mannerisms reminds you of hardcore legends such as Raven, Rhino, and Taz. You can sense an original ECW feel with him. You know that if the original Extreme Championship Wrestling would be around today, he would be a star. On June 26, Bram and Magnus beat Jeff Hardy and Abyss in a Monsters Ball tag team match. August 7, Bram defeated Abyss in a hellacious Monsters Ball match. After the match, Bram stole Abyss’ girlfriend. (A board filled with nails.) Abyss challenged Bram to a match the following week with Janice hung fifteen feet above the ring. This was a very intense match involving
Bram being chokeslammed off of a ladder, went through a barbed wire board, and Abyss falling from half way up the ladder crashing down on a barbed wire board. After these things happened, Bram was able to climb the ladder and take hold of Janice. Once you have hold of Janice, you can use her as a weapon. When Bram went to use it, Abyss stopped him. Bram ran to the ropes and Abyss slammed him down on top of a pile of thumbtacks. Abyss picked up Janice. Abyss was about to hit Bram with the weapon when Bram kicked him in the groin. Bram used the weapon on Abyss and beat him for a third time. After beating “The Monster,” the man that has been TNA’s most hardcore wrestler in years, Bram has now emerged as TNA’s new monster.

The BroMans


Jesse Godderz is 28 and Robbie E is 30 years old. Before Bound For Glory 2013, the BroMans were jobbers. They were the tag team that would lose every match. At Bound For Glory, the BroMans surprisingly won the TNA Tag Team Championships. The tag team held the championships until February 23, when they lost the titles to The Wolves at a live event. There was much backlash among fans when The Wolves won the titles at a house show. Many people felt that The Wolves had just come to TNA and should not have won them at a show that only a few people saw. At Kaisen: Outbreak, on March 2, The BroMans regained the TNA World Tag Team Championships. At Sacrifice, on April 27, The Wolves won the TNA World Tag Team Championships again from The BroMans.

What confuses me is that ever since The Wolves defeated The BroMans for the belts a second time, The BroMans are suddenly back to being a joke. They are being used very poorly. Now, I will say that I do not consider them great wrestlers. I consider them entertainers. They can entertain the crowd with being hilarious and a comedy act. They can make the crowd laugh and have a good time. But I feel that there is something more to The BroMans than to show up every now and then for a cheap laugh. I do not want to see them be champions but with The Hardys, Team 3D and The Wolves after the belts, The BroMans are cut off of television. At Slammiversary, on June 15, The BroMans lost to Marshall and Ross Von Erich, part of the Von Erich family. Next, they lost a match for the titles on July 3. The BroMans even had a short-lived comedy feud with The Menagerie, featuring Robbie E afraid of clowns. What seems to need to happen is for The BroMans to be used in a story that is entertaining or for them to break up and Robbie E to once again compete as a singles wrestler.

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