TNA’s Hall Of Fame Without Jeff Jarrett


On, the term Hall of Fame’s second definition is – A room, building, etc., set aside to honor outstanding individuals in any profession, locality, nation, or the like.

That’s what most people think of when the term “Hall of Fame” comes up in conversation or if they see it in a book, newspaper, or elsewhere. The Hall of Fame is suppose to be acknowledging the key players in that company, profession, etc. There’s no way around that. Certainly that is subjective to everyone, but it all comes down to either top management or the fans (consumer) of that company. While companies state they are for their consumers/fans, they can’t be all about them. If they would, they wouldn’t last long in existence. They need to have guidelines. They need to have a limit. A business or company can get input from their fans or customers, but they can’t solely have them make decisions.

The term “Hall of Fame” takes on a new role. The phrase takes on a new definition in several companies or industries. For us, for the readers of this site, the term “Hall of Fame” has a complete different meaning in the wrestling industry. There are plenty of Hall of Fame groups in the wresting industry. Some take on the true definition of the Hall of Fame. Others don’t. Those are mainly the WWE and TNA Wrestling. What are they about? What do they make their Hall of Fames mean? Easy. It’s a promotional tactic. The WWE Hall of Fame, and TNA Hall of Fame, is a promotional tactic for their biggest pay-per-views of the year, Wrestlemania and Bound for Glory respectively. In other words, they want to make money off of it. They created it sell merchandise. They created it to sell tickets. It’s that simple. They induct the biggest stars of the company in a certain era. TNA inducts one a year while WWE has a class of stars or celebrities. There’s always a headliner. There’s always a person who will create the most buzz… and the most money for that particular year.

Don’t get me wrong, going into a Hall of Fame is tremendous. Going into the WWE or even TNA Hall of Fame is an honor. It’s a privilege. It is something talent should cherish. I know I would. You can be a star in the wrestling business all day long, but going into the Hall of Fame makes your career go full circle. It makes it worth it. It is that one last moment to cherish in your career. You want that pop. You want that cheer. It’s that time for any particular talent to soak in.

TNA announced the beginning of their Hall of Fame in 2012. The first inductee was Sting. While many questioned why Sting was the first inductee into their Hall of Fame, they can’t deny the fact that Sting has been with TNA Wrestling since 2003. He became quite a full-time TNA talent in 2005 where he became a 1 time NWA World Heavyweight Champion and a 4 time TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Sting became the backbone of TNA. He became the guy to look to when TNA needed a spark. Sting created that mystic. He became one of the most loyal people in the company. Sting proved himself. The 2013 inductee became Kurt Angle and no one can deny Kurt’s success in TNA either. When he was announced as the next inductee, people started to realize that Kurt was spending a large portion of his career in TNA Wrestling. When he came into the company, many thought he was there just to get his act straight and then jump back to the monster. That wasn’t the case. He stuck with TNA. He carried TNA on his back. He held every single TNA Championship at one time. He was their marketable guy! His accomplishments also extend outside of TNA and the wrestling business for that matter. Kurt Angle is one of the best of all-time, maybe the best ever, so there’s no reason why he shouldn’t go into the Hall of Fame.

Those two names mentioned are stars who really carried the company. Those talent really helped TNA grow to the next level. On the flip side, those two guys are well known individuals. Those two superstars are marketable. They are money makers. TNA knew they would see the $$ (dollar signs) rack up by promoting to top name talent. That’s what WWE does every year as they attach a big name star to the class. Sure, we all like money. Businesses love money. They need money in order to continue operating. There’s nothing wrong with that. But, to burst your bubble, that is what TNA’s Hall of Fame is all about.

I asked Dixie Carter on Twitter yesterday on whether there will be a new person announced for the Hall of Fame at Slammiversary. She responded:

I went asking people on my Facebook and Twitter accounts about the upcoming Hall of Fame inductee. Two people won the vote. It was a tie. It was AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett. Let me quickly touch on AJ Styles.

Yes, AJ Styles left the company but he stated that he left the door open for a return. Did TNA close that door? John Gaburick, TNA’s Vice President, said if there is room for AJ then he will allow him to come back. That’s besides the point though. When I interviewed AJ Styles last year, he talked about the Hall of Fame and whether he would accept the opportunity. He flat out stated that he would not go into the Hall of Fame before Jeff Jarrett. Jeff Jarrett hasn’t gone into the Hall of Fame yet, so obviously AJ Styles will not accept it. Now let’s talk about Jeff!


I can’t tell you how many times people wrote to me stating that they think Jeff Jarrett will go into the TNA Hall of Fame. Sure, anything is possible. Actually, never say never in the wrestling industry. We need to look at the clues though. We need to gather everything and understand what is being implied by Jeff. Jeff doesn’t want any parts of TNA Wrestling.

First, let’s understand that he gave his resignation to TNA Wrestling in December. He was leaving the company and his day-to-day duties. That, no doubt, hit TNA in a huge way. Jeff is the co-founder of TNA. He packed up and left the company… the company that is now the Carter Company. It’s Dixie Carter’s company. It’s her baby now. In an interview by AJ Styles after he left TNA, he said TNA was “Jeff’s baby”. “He loved the company.” Seeing Jeff leave his baby clearly indicates what his true thoughts are about the company. After several months of planning, he announced his new promotion, Global Force Wrestling. That’s right, Jeff left the promotion he co-founded to start a new promotion. The strange thing is, he still co-owns TNA Wrestling, 29% exactly. While he owns part of the company, that doesn’t stop him from building a new company. That doesn’t stop him from reaching his dream and vision. Jeff Jarrett has a vision and that vision will be reached through Global Force Wrestling, not by TNA Wrestling. TNA took a different route, so Jeff had to take his own path.

Jeff has been doing quite several interviews with key radio programs to major internet news websites. The question about TNA pops up. While he tries his best to answer them, he doesn’t hesitate to say that it is time to move on. Let me make that clear, Jeff stated, “I knew it was time to move on.” He points out that TNA taught him a lot in those 12 years. It taught him the good and bad. He will now use everything he learned to make Global Force Wrestling succeed. He has been doing interviews to… promote Global Force Wrestling. He has been releasing videos for… Global Force Wrestling. He has been releasing merchandise for Global Force Wrestling. He has been releasing pictures for Global Force Wrestling. He has been plugging social media accounts for Global Force Wrestling. Do you get the picture? Do you understand? Jeff is full on board with GFW. That is his new baby. That is his new adventure.

Would it make any sense, any sense at all, to have Jeff Jarrett in the TNA Hall of Fame? Could TNA ask him? Sure. Would they? Well, why would they? He is starting a promotion to rival TNA. As I stated, there can only be one number 2 wrestling promotion, but who is going to take that spot… TNA, GFW, or ROH? Jeff’s main focus right now is GFW. Accepting a TNA Hall of Fame induction wouldn’t be wise. It wouldn’t be smart. It would be wasting time. Jeff wants to distance himself from TNA. He changed his Twitter handle from @JeffJarrettTNA to RealJeffJarrett. When was the last time he mentioned TNA in tweets? I’m pretty sure he mentioned it when he announced his resignation.

The wrestling industry is crazy. It’s absolutely insane sometimes. It’s so bizarre. We can’t count Jeff Jarrett out of a possible TNA Hall of Fame induction. We can’t because we entirely do not know, but we can certainly look at the actions in the past 6 months and understand. We can understand everything from plugs to press releases and imply what the outcome will be. In words of Double J, Jeff Jarrett, “It’s time to move on. It really is.”

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  • Luchador

    I don’t see ROH moving to #2. they seem to be fine where they are, TNA has more desire on being #1 even dough they have made a lot of mistakes but for now they can hold on #2 or let GFW catch up and bounced them off the spot

  • Sean Prem

    Jeff should have been the first inductee. WWE uses the wrestling business as they have brought the rights for every other competitor and defeated the major rivals, to entitle them the rights of being associated with wrestling. This enables WWE to use the definition of a hall of famer correctly. However TNA is about being the alternative. Jeff started that and should have been accepted as that figure, above Sting and Kurt. However as you’ve rightly said, that ship has sailed with GFW and as TNA Hall Of Fame is a promotional tool as you’ve said, why would Jeff want to aid them considering his GFW will be a major rival