TNA’s New And Returning Talent – How I Would Use Them


A lot of new talent has come into TNA recently and this article is going to tell you all what titles I think they should go after, who they should feud with and any other points of interest.

Angelina Love & Brittany – I want Angelina to reunite The Beautiful People with Velvet and Madison and then have them feud with Brittany. This would be a good way to build Brittany up as a legitimate contender for the Knockouts Championship. Along with the feud, The Beautiful People are obviously the best womens stable of all time, so why not reunite them?

Bobby Lashley – Bobby can be used in many ways, but I think they should have him continue to destroy EC3 and Spud leading to a tag team match at Sacrifice where Kurt and Bobby put over EC3 and Spud. After that, Bobby could start a feud with Bully or Roode and then end up going after the TNA World Heavyweight Championship. I don’t know if I would want him to win the title and I definitely don’t want him to beat Magnus for it, but I wouldn’t mind him becoming champion eventually as long as he doesn’t reign for too long.

Sanada & Tigre Uno – I wrote a piece a few weeks ago (I didn’t post it yet) where I booked every PPV and their buildups until Bound For Glory and I actually had these two in a stable together with Muta. However, after some thought, Muta doesn’t have to be there regularly. I’d be fine with him just being on videos like he was on Thursday’s IMPACT and then wrestle on PPV’s. I hope they feud with The Wolves because those would be AMAZING matches. I’m excited to see both of these guys both together and individually. I hope Sanada has a long reign with the X-Division title because he is a great talent.

Willow – I honestly don’t know what they should do with this. I really liked what they did with him on Thursday, it made him look awesome, I just wish there was a clean ending. They hinted to either a feud or tag team with Shaw on Thursday. That would be cool, but honestly I think Willow should be solo for now. This has the potential to be one of the most interesting and layered character in TNA history. I loved how they were talking about how this is a more aggressive side of Jeff. This is going to be awesome.

With new talent emerging, Kenny King’s return, MVP, The Wolves and hopefully Manik’s comeback to television on a regular basis, TNA is going to be great for the next few months. Thursday’s IMPACT was great and hopefully it will continue to deliver.

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  • Jeff Elliott

    It feels as if TNA is really shifting gears not just with talents but the storylines are well thought out aswell . and people were saying TNA is going down. What a bunch of bull, I have to say I was at the maximum impact in Glasgow in January and it didn’t feel like ether last year of ECW or WCW. It was more like when WWE had lost all their old talent and you had guys like razor Shawn and undertaker stepping up their game. TNA is on the up and up I hope when the spike deal runs out they get on AMC or fox it would suit their demographic and get a wider potential audience. It would be massive for them.

  • Chris

    Angelina Love and Brittney – I think that Velvet will refuse to reform The Beautiful People which will open the door for Love to turn heel and attack her. Then Love will recruit Brittney to join her and Brittney will dye her hair blond. Then the underlining storyline will be Love and Velvet both trying to win Madison Rayne to their side.

    Bobby Lashley – his return reminds me of Batista’s in some way and TNA should be very careful that they don’t push Lashley too quickly, or fans will turn on him (like Batista). Having him feud with EC3 is perfect and the 2 of them should have a 2-month feud at minimum. I do like the idea of a super team consisting of Lashley and Angle. I don’t think that Spud is a good partner for EC3 though. I am thinking that somehow Magnus should join EC3 against Lashley and Angle which would make the feud much more appealing.

    Sanada & Tigre Uno – obviously Sanada is the X division champion so I am a bit confused why he is still tag-teaming with Uno. I would have thought that TNA would have given us some 1-on-1 matches with these 2 wrestlers against TNA X Division stars. You could have a number of combinations of Aries, Sabin, Zema Ion, Kenny King and Spud vs. them. I don’t see them in the tag team division for very long at all.

    Willow – I am really scratching my head with this one. Everyone here seems to think that the Willow character we saw on Impact was great, but I couldn’t help but cringe when Willow attacked the referee and then used the point of the umbrella to choke Spud. Then he basically broke spud’s leg. This seems very close to one of those situations when a “face” goes too far and ends up having the fans turn on him. Everything Willow did was heel-ish and dirty. It might work for a couple of weeks, but if he does this against the wrong opponent, I think we will see the fans turn on him.

    That is just one man’s opinion