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In Aaron Scott Jockers’ first article, here is one of the things he had to say:

“I’ve noticed a lot of people write things saying what TNA ought to do, basically stating ideas as facts, or opinions as gospel. Now, of course I love to do that too, but I also recognize I have no idea about certain factors we just aren’t privy to. Such as how much money can they afford to use to sign Favorite Wrestler X. What are Wrestler’s X’s demands to come in, and who gets what licensing-wise. Is it like EWR, (old school shout out!) where Shortlist Favorite Wrestler X says “Sorry, I could make more money by continuing my independent work” or “My japanese commitments are my first priority.” Who knows. Nobody here.”

I always think that wrestlers get too much blame. They get too much blame when they leave a company. They get too much blame when they turn down a contract for less money. They get too much blame for deciding to stay in New Japan or somewhere besides the two main wrestling promotions. In reality, it’s not about the wrestlers. Everyone needs to understand this. It is not the wrestlers fault. It is the companies fault. If the company sincerely wanted to keep or hire a wrestler, they could. I seriously believe that. It is all about priorities. If it is a priority for the company to keep AJ Styles or Jeff Hardy, they will. It has obviously always been a priority for TNA to keep Sting and Kurt Angle, no matter what. Let me ask you these questions and see which you would prefer: Would you rather see Wes Brisco or Sonjay Dutt? Would you rather see Robbie E or Alex Shelley? Would you rather see Madison Rayne or Ivelisse Velez? Would you rather see Mr. Anderson or Adam Cole? Would you rather see Zema Ion or Paul London? Would you rather see Rob Terry or Jay Lethal? Would you rather see Knux or Petey Williams? Would you rather see Sting or AJ Styles? This is how business works. You take away one person and give their salary to someone who the fans would rather see. And all honesty, no matter what anyone says, I believe that the majority of fans would rather see AJ Styles than Sting. I believe that they would love for Sting’s money to go to Styles. I believe that they would love to see Knux be released so Jay Lethal can be hired. I am tired of hearing that TNA does not have the money to hire certain superstars. It is simply not true. TNA has always had the money and always will have the money to hire who they want to hire. They had the money to hire Kurt Angle. They had the money to hire Rob Van Dam. They had the money to hire Jeff Hardy. They had the money to hire Sting. They had the money to hire Christian Cage. If TNA wants to hire someone enough, it will happen. There is no doubt about that. Even more, people say that a wrestler might have demands that can be unmet by TNA. We do not know the details. Still, I say to meet the demands. If the demands of Jay Lethal is to become the X Division Champion, give him the belt. If the demands of Generation Me is to have the championships and be paid more, do so. You need to do whatever it takes to have the best talent so that you can have the best show. You know, like having Hulk Hogan consume the show.


“Second as far as angles go, none of us sit in on booking meetings and probably never will unless you have experience in Television writing. Really, that’s all is really needed by reading TNA’s position descriptions. That and relocating to Nashville. But I am digressing, none of us know what will happen or what is planned so it’s hard to say what should happen based on again, mere opinion. My third column option could see me go spouting on “Breaking Nooz” stories such as wrestler A freaking out on a celebrity in a military theater, or my favorite, which Rockstar of the 90s is buying TNA. Man, imagine the hellfire that would have broken loose had it been Fred Durst. Breaking Nooz stories just make most people look foolish and damage what little credibility they already have.”

I have learned to never say never in the wrestling business. Also, I have learned to never quite trust what I read or hear until I actually see it. This comes with almost anything in life. There are many times in life that I will want to have a “Show Me” attitude. There are so many times where I will hear one thing but it does not happen. With the NFL, they have “experts.” For one thing, if anyone wanted to call me an expert, I’m not sure if I would let them. It would be an honor for someone to think that highly of me but it would also be wrong. How are any of us more of an expert than another? If we say we are an expert or are called one then make a statement that the Kansas City Chiefs will go the playoffs and they end up as the worst team in the NFL, how does that make us look? Even the term expert sounds wrong. Once you say you are an expert, you are saying that you know everything there is to know about something. It is saying that there is nothing left to learn. You are in fact calling yourself God. He is the only one who is an expert. None of us can call ourselves experts on anything. You can call yourself an expert then find out something new about it the next day. There will always be Breaking News websites reporting on something. Sometimes its true. Sometimes its not. Like I said, especially with wrestling rumors, its best to have a “Show Me” attitude. There have been many times where I would tell my dad something about wrestling. He would never believe until he saw it. There are definitely times where I must say, I can’t blame him.


When Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan came to TNA Wrestling, TNA changed. Everything about the company changed. I looked at who was backstage writing the shows and saw Jeff Jarrett, Vince Russo, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan. The question kept playing through my head of how that would work. Whenever Jeff Jarrett and Vince Russo have been in charge, the young athletic stars were put over. Eric Bischoff relies on the older known wrestlers to be the focus point of the show. Needless to say, it did not work. Vince Russo and Jeff Jarrett ended up leaving. Over the course of time that Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan were in control, which I still assume that Eric Bischoff was at least 95% in control and Hogan might have had creative control of his character, we saw the older stars rise to the top. We saw Rob Van Dam come in and become the TNA World Heavyweight Championship very fast. He defeated A.J. Styles. We saw Ric Flair make his TNA debut. We saw EV 2.0, which consisted of Raven, Bully Ray, Stevie Richards, Rhino, Mick Foley, and Devon. It seemed that if you were something big in WWE, you were going to get much air time. If you weren’t, you will be repackaged as someone who did. Such was the case with AJ Styles being Ric Flair and “The Monster” Abyss being Hulk Hogan’s biggest fan. We saw the decline of the TNA Originals. I always felt that the TNA Originals and the fan favorites of TNA’s past were being held down in favor of WWE’s castaways. Now, Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan are both gone. TNA is in a new era. In this era, things seem reversed. No longer must you be a veteran of the sport to be at the top. Now, the World Heavyweight Champion is only 27 years old. His name is Magnus. He is the first British World Heavyweight Champion in professional wrestling history. We have a guy in Rockstar Spud who is Dixie Carter’s personal assistant. We have Samuel Shaw, who seems to be a psychopath with his mannerisms. The BroMans are the Tag Team Champions. Gunner has a briefcase to challenge for the World Heavyweight Championship. We have Ethan Carter III, who is the nephew of TNA President Dixie Carter, being given a slow but big push. As mentioned in my past article, there are wrestlers that TNA should be showcasing but are not. No matter who should be the star in TNA, TNA has done a complete 180. Now, the young stars are being put to the top. I do not agree with the certain superstars who are being pushed to the top. I would rather see an X Division match open the show instead of a 20 minute promo by Dixie Carter. But the question remains: which era is better? Is the microwave or oven method better? Is it better to put stars as in RVD and Sting in the main event because they are known stars or is it better to put stars such as Magnus and Austin Aries in the main event? I personally love this era much more than the Eric Bischoff era. At least I am not seeing old-timers, such as Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, taking up much TV time anymore. What do you think? Is TNA going in the right direction with their new approach?

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  • John Aiello

    I actually like the mix of both new and old – can't understand why both can't be used – I think the constant talking takes away from the show too much doesn't need to be drawn out so long week after week after week – this would give more time to show case many more wrestlers and more matches – I grew up with WWF and WCW and don't remember all the bull that currently goes on – Dixie Carter trying to be Vince McMahon just doesn't work – Hulk Hogan was a better heel – TNA has let or is letting too many wrestlers go that should still be there but what do we know. AJ Styles needs to be there, he is TNA – not big on Magnus or the BroMans and love when Sting was crazy Sting – I think you need a little of both – names are good to have to but then you do have your stand outs too that just work like Austin Aries.

  • drew

    having hogan in was the worst mistake tna ever made! now their gone i hope k king and manik get their chance and we see wrestlers like sting, anderson, knux and wes brisco fade out, then like you said: money would be free for us to see the stars from the past (tna's past) that we give a damn about

  • Mike

    You always say how unsuccessful bringing in Hogan and other WWE guys has been for TNA.. My question is that is TNA being successful with its “originals”? If they were, they wouldn’t try and go sign those ex WWE guys.

  • John Aiello

    I believe any wrestler who has a fan following is a plus for any organization – WCW – ECW -WWE -TNA these are the only federations that I've known and Ric Flair, Sting, AJ Styles, and any of the ECW wrestlers are great to watch in the right concept – like I said young and old can work with the correct writing and battles – gimmicks always work best – WCW had the NWO – WWE had DX – ECW just wild matches – and TNA grew from bringing in wrestlers from other companies to grow with their own new talent and had Aces & Eights which I believe they kill these groups off too fast or start doing stupid things with them that brings them down – but each person has their own views – I follow Hogan, Flair and Sting to what ever show they go. Some of the new talent isn't as easy to grab on to like past talents for what ever the reason is. John Cena I think is over rated but I like Orton and Batista – love the Undertaker – McMahon is great when he's part of the show – would enjoy seeing Austin again and Triple H, well, what can you say but yet I don't watch WWE every week and really wasn't watching much of any wrestling til Hogan went to TNA so say what you will about Hogan he does draw – you either love him or hate him – but I believe Hogan, Flair and these type of wrestlers would do better as managers – look at the great managers, Jimmy Hart, Paul Bearer, Heyman to name a few they also helped build success – another thing that is missing is surprises cause things start to get too predictable anymore – I will only continue to follow the shows that keep my interest and names do draw attention and right now TNA is dying they are letting too much talent go too fast and what happened to the knockouts they were starting to have great matches and look how many of them were let go.

    • bill

      “Managers” are used to be be a performers mouthpiece 9 times outta 10. Take a look at Paul heyman for Brock lesnar as an example. Brock does more fighting than talking. And Paul bearer with undertaker as another. When Taker was first introduced all he ever said was “REST IN PIECE” but Bearer was the one cutting the promo on whoever he was Goin against. The WWE has it perfect with how they use their older guys. Pepper them in every once in awhile so as to give the older fan a sense of nostalgia and also to carry the older guys a little bit for their special appearances and whatnot


        i.e. Dirty Dutch Mantel with the Real Americans. Man, hasn't he aged!

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