TNA’s Stars That Take The Top

After my interview with Christopher Daniels yesterday, I wanted to think and analyze what he said. I did it with my Kurt Angle interview back in August. Breaking the interview up can really give you knowledge and also quite interesting topics to write about.

During the interview, Chris stated that he and Kazarian, Bad Influence, is the best tag team in TNA Wrestling right now. Of course he will try to promote himself, everyone would, but honestly, Bad Influence is the best tag team in the company right now. I then wanted to expand on that idea. I thought, “Who else is in the top of their respected division and in different key areas?” Well, that’s what this article is about. Who is on top of the divisions and different known areas in the company?

Top Tag Team: Bad Influence

Bad Influence dressed as LOD

This was already stated above, but I felt like making it official right here. Not only that, but I wanted to expand on it. TNA has 3 main tag teams. Bad Influence, Chavo Guerrero and Hernandez, and Bobby Roode and Austin Aries. Plain and simple, I do not see Chavo Guerrero as the top tag team. While they do have chemistry and their ring work has impressed me lately, they do not have the mic work to set them apart from any other tag team. They are just the regular tag team that comes around. Roode and Austin are great in the ring, have chemistry, and can work the mic, but at the same time, they are known as that unlikely duo. These kind of tag teams normally do not last. I am surprised though as Roode and Aries lasted longer as a team than I thought they would. At any rate, these two are more on the idea of one-upping each other. They want the gold, but they also want to show-off against the other. Bad Influence, on the other hand, work great in the ring, have amazing chemistry and they can talk on the mic. They are the total package. They are “best pals” unlike Roode and Austin and they can work on the mic, unlike Chavo and Hernandez. They really take the lead by a landslide.

Top X-Divisioner: Kenny King

All Hail The King!

This was a bit harder than the top tag team. I picked Kenny King, not because he is the X-Division Champion, but because he has been showcased for quite awhile now. Kenny King beat Rob Van Dam for the title, but he was actually on the show way before that working his way up. King is now champion and I think he plays the role great. He is that cocky young kid who thinks he is the best. While he may be the top X-Divisioner right now, he has a lot of challengers that want to take the spot. They have Zema Ion, Christian York, Sonjay Dutt, Petey Williams and the returning Chris Sabin. The only reason why I didn’t pick someone like Williams or Dutt is because they just came back to the company. They have to work their way up. I know they are talented but they just can’t be on top a week after they return. Sadly, I feel like King is sloppy in the ring. While he is improving each match he wrestles in, he has work to do. King’s character out ways his work; therefore, I think, takes the top spot.

Top Knockout: Gail Kim

Gail Kim

TNA is known to have women who can actually wrestle. That was more so described in the past, the company still has a leg up against the competition. While Gail Kim is not the Knockout Champion and she really isn’t showcased every week… Gail is the most talented of the knockouts. I always felt like she can out work any knockout in the ring. While I have been told by some people that she is becoming sloppy in the ring, when she is given the opportunity, she can work extraordinary. Gail may not be best on the mic either, but once you have the ring work, you have the Knockout division.

Top Mid-carder: Magnus


I was debating to whether to put this category into the mix, but I realized that TNA does have the Television Title and that is basically for mid-card stars. Also, I am doing the top guy, so why not do a top mid-guy? I feel like Magnus takes this by a landslide. While I am a huge fan of Magnus, I think he has great in-ring work. He isn’t necessary great on the mic, but that can be helped. Magnus is the young gun who can really take the company by storm. If you know me, I have always been in favor of pushing Magnus. I always bring this up, but even Kurt Angle is behind the guy. Now, I brought up the Television Title as that showcases the mid-card, I don’t think Magnus should really be going for the title. In this instance, Magnus should be pushed to the main event. He isn’t there yet, so I have to put him in this category. TNA can’t push Magnus fast enough.

Top main-eventer: Jeff Hardy

TNA Jeff Hardy

This category may be the one that a lot of people question, but if you look my my other categories coming up, you will understand why. Jeff Hardy is the guy that you want as the top. He relates to the fans, he is well-known amongst many wrestling fans out there, and he sells merchandise. A main-event guy these days isn’t about the wrestling skill or how great they can talk, sadly, but it is, more so in Vince McMahon‘s mind, how much money they make. It’s all about the money. Merchandise! John Cena isn’t the best wrestler but he sells. Jeff Hardy isn’t the best wrestler, but he’s more entertaining in the ring than John, in my mind, and he can sell. He is the top star right now. Now, while he is, I don’t think he should be the only one. In fact, I would have loved to see AJ Styles as the top main-eventer, but that is not the case right now.

Top mic work: Bully Ray

TNA Bully Ray

I don’t know about other people, but I simply love Bully Ray on the mic. When he turned heel in TNA in 2010 he took my breath away. I had no idea Bully Ray had that in him. We always think of some stars as tag team stars. I thought of Ray as a tag team guy, but when he broke up with Devon in 2010, he turned heel and become a force to be reckoned with. Ray was the ultimate heel. He was amazing on the mic. I would check out what other people were saying at that time and they felt the same way. The character lasted all through 2011. It’s 2013 and Ray still is impressing me. He is no longer a tag team guy. Give him a mic and let him do his thing. Ray took the opportunity when he was given it and stole it. He climbed his way on the top because he insulted the fans and stars day in and day out. You wanted to dislike him. If you can get people to say that they want that star to leave the show, then you know you have real heat.

Top ring work: Kurt Angle


I was going to put Kurt Angle as the top main-event guy, but how much sense would that make? Kurt did not hold the title for over a year. In fact, when was the last time he was in a title match? It doesn’t even seem like Kurt is in the main event anymore. If you look at the in-ring work of stars though… there is a clear winner. I doubt anyone will pick anyone else. Kurt Angle, arguably, is the best wrestler today. It’s all about his background and experience. I don’t think there’s anything else to say about that.

Top Commentator: Mike Tenay


I thought it would be fun to just throw this in here. Lots of people do not like Taz‘s work, but don’t think he is that bad. He certainly isn’t the best though. Mike Tenay fits the bill only because of the knowledge he holds as well as experience. I am liking Todd Keneley but feel like he needs to be around longer to really get the fans behind him. Todd does have a chance though and can see taking the spot if Mike leaves.

Top Referee: Earl Hebner

Earl Hebner

This is another funny one. TNA really has a jewel of a referee right here. Earl is 63 years old, but he looks great for his age. I have no idea how longer he will stick around in the wrestling business, but calling matches is in his blood. We know his son is in TNA now being a referee. Generation to generation. Earl is one of my personal favorite referees, but he may be the most well-known referee. Can I say, what are the other names of the referees?!

Certainly these are my picks but they are open to discussion.  Who do you think leads the respected categories?

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  • Brad Drysdale

    I think Mr Anderson is the best on mic. No one else quite has his energy, and he's given a few good promos lately, whereas Bully has basically been saying the same things over and over since Lockdown.

    • Alex Barie

      I completely forgot about Mr. Anderson. He is tremendous on the mic. We have seen him more lately but that is just in the past couple of weeks. We have seen Ray nonstop for years.

  • Danni

    Gail's becoming sloppy in the ring? Don't see that myself.

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