Top 10 Segments in TNA History

My favorite TNA segments of all time (in no order):

1. The segment at Final Resolution 2007 with New Age Outlaws/VKM/James Gang and Christy Hemme where first they talk about how they like invaded WWE house shows and headquarters or something which was badass and then Christy came out and cut an AMAZING promo about women’s involvement wrestling.

2. When Rock ‘n’ Roll Express appeared in TNA in early 2003, betraying the 50+ year tradition of the NWA to join Vince Russo’s Sports Entertainment Xtreme.

3. When AJ Styles claimed he would sit in the middle of the ring until he got a shot at the NWA World Heavyweight Championship in late 2002 or early 2003.

4. When Kazarian came out and cut a (extremely accurate) promo imitating likem, AJ Styles in late 2012.

5. When Dixie Carter turned heel on AJ Styles in September 2013 after he cut a promo expressing multiple problems he had with how the company is run under President Dixie Carter.

6. This isn’t exactly a promo but when AJ Styles revealed himself to be the final member of the Main Event Mafia to help take down Aces and Eights.

7. When Karen Jarrett was trying to find out who Kurt Angle’s mistress was and ended up blaming Velvet leading to Velvet cutting a great promo Winter, Angelina, and Kurt Angle coming out.

8. Madison Rayne is going to fire Tara and Brooke but ends up getting demoted by Sting who does an amazing Madison impression.

9. On the October 30th, 2002 Weekly Pay-Per View, right before a NWA World Heavyweight Championship match with Scott Hall, Ron Killings tells the crowd “If I suck, you swallow!”

10. At TNA Hardcore War 2006, the fans threw all their chairs into the ring at the request of Brother Ray.

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  • Jay

    Mmm this seems a tad rushed (or something?)

    • josh

      I didn’t want to add links because I couldn’t find videos of all of them. I’ll add links for the ones I can find.