Trying To Pinpoint When Destination X 2013 Will Air

During TNA Slammiversary XI on June 2nd, 2013, a surprising announcement was made by Hulk Hogan. This announcement occurred after the Ultimate X Match where Chris Sabin won the X-Division Championship. As Chris walked up the ramp, Hulk came out and congratulated him. He put Chris over and then stated that Chris has the opportunity to cash in the X-Division Title to go for the TNA World Title at Destination X. But, when is that?!

Hulk and Chris

TNA Wrestling made an interesting but understandable decision as they cut back their pay-per-views. They had 10-12 PPVs a year for the past couple of years. While the pay-per-views were good, and bad, the fact is that they weren’t producing. Now, TNA is a private company. We do not know how much money the company is making. We don’t know how many people bought the PPVs. Only TNA knows that. We have to read between the lines though. Cutting PPVs, PPVs that weren’t getting high buyrates, would ultimately save TNA money. Having 4 live PPVs really helps TNA financially, but it also helps with booking. Usually the company would have to rush from month to month to make matches for the next PPV. An example of this is WWE! Now, TNA doesn’t have to rush. They can slow down and really progress their stories. This is exactly what they are doing. That is why there are so many stories going on right now on the show. Beyond that, they progress each month. There’s no rushing.

Let me get back to their PPV model though. TNA announced that they will only have 4 live PPVs in 2013. First is Genesis in January. Lockdown will be in March. Slammiversary will be in June, and Bound for Glory will be in October. We already had three of the four PPVs already. Bound for Glory is the last one. Or is it? As I mentioned above, Hulk told Chris Sabin that he can cash his title in at Destination X. Strangely, there has been no mention of that PPV in the new model. In fact, that was the first time TNA even mentioned that PPV. Has TNA quietly added this PPV? If so, when will they have it?

Last year’s Destination X happened on July 8th. Will TNA be having this PPV in July? If so, it will only be about a month away. That throws everything out the window when you think of PPVs being stretched out in order to build stories. Last year’s PPV was surrounded by a X-Division tournament. The tournament would determine the new X-Division Champion. The former champion would face for the TNA World Title. Technically, this PPV wouldn’t really affect current story lines going on within the show. The only thing that would be affected is the current TNA World Champion and that would be Bully Ray.

Dixie and Chris

I have predicted the following storylines since April and it looks to be falling into place. AJ Styles will go on to face for the TNA World Title at Bound for Glory and that be held by Bully. AJ will win and that will ultimately end the Aces & 8s. Ray has to hold the title till then, but who will he be battling in that time? Jeff Hardy is around, but will that last for 3-4 months? I can see Chris Sabin face Bully Ray as a face vs. heel match rather than a face vs. face match between Chris and Styles. If Chris battles for the title while Ray is champion, I can clearly say that Sabin will not win. Since Hulk mentioned Destination X now, I doubt the PPV will be far away. Why would they make it after Bound for Glory? So, the show has to be before BFG and it certainly has to be in the next month or two.

The other question that comes up is if this is going to be an actual PPV. Someone brought up that it could be a special television episode. Why not? While it will be free, more people will be watching. Don’t forget the money from advertisers!

Destination X

Destination X is up in the air. I almost get the feeling that TNA brought this up about a month or so ago and decided to have it. They probably know when it will happen, but they probably didn’t know 3-4 months ago. It was a spur of the moment idea, in my mind.

We should start to hear more about Destination X on when it will air and how it will be available. I thought the PPV concept last year was great as it really brings relevance to the X-Division. TNA has been slowly building the division back up, but now they seem to really put it into gear. Finding the answers as to when and how about Destination X is like finding the X on a treasure map. We haven’t hit it yet, but it is so many paces East.

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  • Ric Santos

    I’m going with a special televised Impact Wrestling where the focus will be the X Division with backstage segments for non X stories. The build hasn’t been established to warrant a ppv and the BFG Series trumps any other tournament at the moment.

    • Ryan Norton

      look at this page you are right this proves it will be held on july 18th 2013 in louillewville, kentucky and if in uk watch on 21st of july like you would with normal impact wrestling

  • Jon

    no we do know tna ppv buyrates and do u not read

  • Jon

    its going to be hogan vs bully ray at bfg 2013 well thats what i have heard

    • ryan norton

      if chris sabin loses it cant unless a three way occurs bfg winner vs bully ray vs hulk hogan would be an epic match but i hope chris sabin wins

  • Jon

    tna is not building the x-division up at all and to do that u need at least 2 to 3 x-division matches a night on impact wrestling and a x-division match every week on impact which they don't do

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