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Miami Attendance 

Say good bye to Dixie land and say hi to MVP’s land. I waited until I watched Impact before giving my thoughts and opinions regarding TNA’s direction and how Lockdown was booked and handled. Generally speaking this year’s Lockdown proved itself to be vital and is the real start of TNA’s new era. As I said before, this year’s Lockdown is the REAL start for TNA in 2014.  Before getting into details let me give my thoughts on the location and the attendance – to be frank the attendance was really bad. From what I’ve heard and read 900 people attended Lockdown!!! The highest number I’ve read was about 1,500 or something which is really bad since Lockdown attracts a lot of people. The arena’s capacity is around 7,972. Did TNA market Lockdown in the right way?! Why did they get such a big arena when we all know when it comes to attendance and TNA no one knows for sure how many will show up. If we compare between the people’s reactions during Lockdown and Impact’s taping on Thursday then well Universal wins without a doubt. A smaller but full arena sounds and looks better than a big ass half empty one. TNA’s Slammiversary will be taking place at College Park Cetnre (capacity 7,000) so the question is will TNA be able to fill it up?! Time will tell.

The good (Joe), the bad (Magnus) and the ugly ( Abyss)

Now enough with the attendance thing  and let’s get into business. The real question that I asked myself after Lockdown, “Did the show make any sense, especially how the main events ended?!”  Well, making Magnus win made sense to make things keep going but putting Abyss into the equation is what makes me scratch my head.


Till now I didn’t get my answer, why did Abyss do this?! Money?! I am not digging the whole Abyss thing. The whole Abyss coming under the ring part was cool though. So from what I understand now Magnus actually convinced Abyss into joining his team and that is it!! For me, I’m expecting more so I’ll wait until I see how will things go in the next couple of weeks because in the time being I can’t imagine where is this story going so let us just wait and see. But I hope this doesn’t destroy Joe’s chance at winning the title this year.

The Beautiful People

 But if there is anything I’m certain about then the KOs division is on the right track. For the love of God Angelina freaking Love is back!!! This actually made me so happy to see her back again to the Impact Zone. Angelina is a big and important part of the KOs division and she took part in major stories like The BP and the war against Velvet Sky. Angelina along side the other additions to the KOs division make things look way more interesting for the division. Adding more KOs could mean that we might see the KOs tag belts to add more stories regarding the KOs. I am really waiting to see how well Velvet deal with Angelina’s offer to reform The BP. For me it could refresh the division a bit but what about Madison?! Wasn’t she a part of the group? I’m really interested to see how will things turn into because, yes, the KOs can still deliver and don’t forget about the awesome match at Lockdown between Madison and Gail Kim.


American Psycho 

I love it when wrestling matches tell a story, it makes the match look deep and showcases your skills. The creepy bastard’s match against Anderson at Lockdown wasn’t that great when it comes to wrestling but it cemented Shaw as a hell of a charterer. The match said a story and last week Shaw showed the world how awesome and disturbing his gimmick is.


What I like about Shaw is that he with his gimmick is living proof that TNA is inventing new, fresh, and young stars along side wrestlers like EC III and the rising star Gunner. Plus don’t firget the new faces in the KOs division like Britney or the new additions to the X-Division. TNA is doing a great job in investing into new stars and giving them a nice push along side ring veterans like Kurt Angle and Ken Anderson. It is interesting how will these new faces be used to pave the road to BFG and Slammiversary. As for the Shaw/Anderson saga, I don’t think that it is over, they need a Last Man Standing match or something to settle the score. Shaw’s obsession with Christy isn’t over yet plus I dig the story and how Shaw is handling it. The mid card needs such stories and gimmicks to shake things up.

We love, we hate and we die

Speaking of creepy and weird gimmicks:


Willow, Jeff Hardy’s alter ego, when I first saw him at Lockdown I didn’t know what to think about the whole gimmick. Thing is I needed more time to judge what I’m speaking and last week’s Impact gave me the answer. I love Willow! After Dixie screwing Hardy, he needed something new and dark to represent how pissed he is. Hardy needed a more dark and violent gimmick to seek his vengeance and give us something new. What Willow did last week to Spud was sick and awesome and makes me want to see more, but my question is who will Willow take on next?? And how will he fit into the new regime since it seems like Willow doesn’t give a damn about anything. Damn he kicked the hell out of an official. Plus will we see him in the title picture soon or what?! Only time will tell.

Bring the tables !!!!!


Last year, Bully Ray made an Impact at Lockdown when he revealed that he was the mastermind behind the Aces and 8s and this year was no different. Once again Bully decided to make an impact by costing Dixie her company. People were divided when it came to how things ended but for me I am a fan of how Bully ended Lockdown. Dixie didn’t help Bully get his title back nor did she help him to save his family and club so why should he care about her?! Plus having Bobby as a part owner is a nightmare by itself. Bully Ray is a big part of TNA along side Bobby, both of them shaped a big part of the Hogan/EB era. Both of them are never boring to watch plus they know how to bring life into whatever stories they are involved in. Bully Ray is the main reason that made the Aces and 8s story click. Bobby played a hell of a champion when he held the title and started to spit on the face of the authority. I’m expecting these two to give us a hell of a story.

‘The bottom line’


Lockdown was important for TNA and it brought changes to the table. Putting a new TV authority figure instead of Dixie and her band of stooges is a breath of fresh air. MVP is a great choice and I want to see what will he bring to the table. There are a lot of loose ends and unanswered questions till now but on the other hand what we are seeing now is really interesting and, yes, fresh. TNA is trying to invest into new faces and bring back fan favorites like Angelina and Madison. So yeah, for the TV product TNA is doing a great job. Yes massive names like Sting left the company but this could be the chance for TNA to invest into new faces or push underrated stars like Samoa Joe. TNA is also bringing back some of its original ideas like having all matches in Steel Cages and the Feast or Fired concept which makes me think we might see things like King of the Mountain soon. We fans also need to face the fact that the Impact Zone is important and a cost effective move for the company. Last year going on the road made TNA suffer badly, financially speaking. I really think that the fans should play a bigger role in making TNA expand and survive, the fans should support the company more and make them look big. Just look at how the UK fans made TNA look massive with the full arenas and their excitement!! Watching the UK shows is always fun because of the atmosphere unlike the flat and underwhelming attendance at Lockdown. As for TNA they have to market the show in different ways and try to fix the way they book the arenas, I like how things are going and I’m really interested to see how will the road to Slammiversary  will look like but for now Dixie land is now CLOSED…. 

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  • Chris

    You make an excellent point about the fans being a part of TNA’s success. When the fans attend the shows and cheer or boo like crazy, it make the product much better. It gives the wrestlers an added adrenaline rush and they perform at a higher level.
    Take ECW for example. It was the fans that made ECW special. Believe me, there are a lot of ‘hardcore’ promotions out there who can’t draw more than 500 fans to a show. The shows suck and the wrestling matches come off looking pathetic and slow. However, in ECW, these same matches would look like the greatest matches in the world, because the fans were 110% into the action and loved their promotion. There were a lot of Balls Mahoney matches that sucked large, but because the fans chanted “BALLS” everytime he punched someone, it worked. The fans made ECW look awesome. TNA fans should do the same.

    That’s just one man’s opinion

  • http://miscellaneousmumble.blogspot.com/ Alex Barie

    Really enjoyed this article, Sam! You keep on delivering!

    I do want to talk about the Miami attendance though. I saw reports surfacing about 1,000 to 1,500 in attendance for Lockdown while another report I saw had the number up to 3,500 tickets sold. If the arena holds around 8,000 people, the arena to me looked like it was about half filled. That would put them around 4,000 but I’d go as low as 3,000. It’s just an analysis but I don’t think it was as low as you stated. Overall, the company needs to book arenas that are smaller. That’s the main point.

  • dominic halsey

    Really Great Article:)

  • Sean Prem

    Nice read