What Went Wrong And What Went Right – 5/17/2014

Every week, I will be reviewing Impact Wrestling. In my review, I will say what went wrong with this week’s Impact and what went right. Let’s get started.

What Went Wrong

Many fans are excited and enjoy seeing the build up of Sanada. I must say, I also enjoy the videos where he is talking about Wrestle-1 and The Great Muta. I think he’s a great wrestler and addition to the TNA roster. I recently heard someone say that they do not remember the last time a wrestler was so well built up. Instantly, Kenny King comes to mind. TNA showcased Kenny King every week on Impact Wrestling last summer. And this is perfectly the right thing to do. He is a phenomenal wrestler with charisma through the roof. The same problem that is happening right now also happened back then. The problem is instead of building the division, TNA is putting all of the spotlight on one superstar. No one else in the division is feuding with Sanada. He doesn’t have anyone to feud with. DJ Zema Ion doesn’t look to be in the X Division permanently, as he’s busy with the BroMans, and Kenny King’s now with M.V.P. If we want a build of the X Division, we at least need one feud in the X Division.

The next problem I have with how the X Division was presented is the same problem I had last year. At Sacrifice, Tigre Uno faced Sanada in the third match of the Best of Three Series for the TNA X Division Championship. We have not seen Tigre Uno since and all of a sudden, he was in another title match. Also, we saw Zema Ion have a title shot against Sanada in the match. There was no explanation as to why these two were suddenly getting title shots against the champion. Title shots are handed out without any rivalries or story involved. If TNA would give us a story for the X Division, we could become hooked and interested in the X Division. Instead, all I see is a repeat of last summer: a build up of one superstar while other wrestlers get title shots in triple threat match with no feud for the X Division Champion.

After seeing Austin Aries see MVP backstage and want to attack him, I started thinking about how many people do not like MVP. I thought of Austin Aries, Eric Young, Bobby Roode, Samoa Joe, and Kenny King. This is quite a list. This was very interesting to think about. I believe there are two big reasons why I am not in favor of this angle. Lately in TNA, there seems to swerves and shock moments almost every show. I realize not everything is supposed to “make sense.” We are supposed to go into next week wondering why Kenny King and Bobby Lashley would team up with MVP. After a while, these angles just looks like a desperate attempt to shock and surprise people. The second reason is if we really need another heel stable in Impact Wrestling. We saw the Main Event Mafia. We saw Immortal. We saw the Aces and Eights. We saw Team Dixie. Now, we are seeing the person in control of the show in a heel stable once again. There comes a time when the fans have had enough with seeing the boss in a heel stable and in control of the whole show.

What Went Right

What is going great in TNA right now is the new Bram/Magnus story. Bram, an old friend from Magnus’ hometwon, came to TNA to help Magnus. He told Magnus that he has become soft. And the honest truth is that Magnus has become soft. He needed Team Dixie to do all of his dirty work when he was TNA World Heavyweight Champion. Starting at Genesis, when he no longer had Team Dixie to help him, he hired Abyss to make sure that Magnus did not lose the title. Since Magnus won the title, he has always had others do his dirty work for him. After he lost the title, he has been losing and getting into a slump. I understand why Bram wanted Magnus to get disqualified in the match. He would have lost if he had hit Willow with the weapon. Ultimately, the one loss would not have mattered in the big picture since this would help Magnus become more aggressive for the long run.

I will admit. I thought TNA should fire Knux and Rob Terry. I had no clue of what they could still offer or of a gimmick that would fit them. People have said before that Knux might be able to come back as someone who competes in hardcore matches. He could fight everyone in different hardcore matches and be very agressive. This might be exciting and he could really use his power and strength. Still, I wasn’t sure. I have to give much credit to TNA for the creation of The Menagerie. The idea of turning Knux into a ring leader of a circus group that comes to TNA to earn money to save his dad’s carnival is pure brilliance. Their entrance is the best entrance I have seen in a long time. The way the circus lights are on the ring during the matches. This Menagerie angle has me hooked. I can’t wait to see what happens next and where this story leads to.

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