What TNA Can Do To Improve

Last Thursday, on Thanksgiving, TNA’s viewership was lower than it has been for a long time. A lot of people are arguing the ratings were so bad because it was one of the biggest holiday’s of the year, and I honestly think that’s most of it, but that is not the only reason the ratings were as bad as they were. However, there are things they can do to make people want to watch again, and just things that will make the product better. For months I have seen people getting mad about how underused the X-Division guys are, and how little TNA cares about the division anymore. Also, many people complain about the absence of the TV Title.

The TV Title can be a legitimate mid-card title for people like Magnus, who is not exactly ready for the world title yet, and for people like Knux, Gunner, and Eric Young so that they are actually doing something. Right now, TNA’s divisions are a bit unclear. The X-Division Champion was in the World Title Tournament, as was everyone who competed in the Ultimate X match at Bound For Glory, except Manik who hasn’t been on Impact in a long time. When the Ultimate X match was announced, a lot of people thought that meant Joe was gonna go back to the X-Division, and that Hardy was finally going to be in the X-Division. But honestly, there isn’t an X-Division right now. In my opinion, Joe should win the X-Division Title and then cash it in for a World Title shot at Destination X. Jeff Hardy is one of the biggest stars in the company. He can still put on amazing matches, such as his Full Metal Mayhem match with Sabin a couple weeks ago, but he should be fighting for the Eorld Title, not the X-Division Title. The X-Division Title should be used as a title for young, athletic guys. The problem is, TNA doesn’t have many of those. That leads me to my next topic. TNA needs to hire young guys. There are plenty of high flying guys on the indies who would die for a shot to be in TNA, and they need to take advantage of that.

They should also bring back some old match types and gimmicks. On Thursday, they had Curry Man face EC3. They should do things like that more often. They should bring back the King of the Mountain match, and some other old match types like the Clockwork Orange House of Fun match. One of the biggest requests by fans is to bring back the six sided ring, but I don’t think people really want that, I think they just want TNA to be as good as it was when it had the six sided ring. The thing is, mine and a lot of people’s favorite TNA era was when they were in the Asylum, and they had a four sided ring then. It’s not about the amount of side the ring has, it’s about the product.

The Knockouts division has been one of the major complaints about TNA ever since the release of Tara and Taryn Terrell getting pregnant. A couple months ago Lei’D Tapa debuted, which has been great for the division. There really hasn’t been a storyline with the Knockouts since Gail Kim vs Taryn Terrell, but since she arrived, an awesome open challenge storyline started. Without Tapa, Gail wouldn’t have won the title, and without Gail winning the title, ODB would still be champion, and even though she is pretty over with casual fans and most live crowds, I don’t think I saw one person who was sad that she lost the title. The open challenge storyline gave us a look at a few young women’s wrestlers, such as one of the Blossoms and Candice LeRae who both have a decent chance of joining TNA in the future. However, even though Lei’D Tapa debuted, there needs to be a few more knockouts before it will be looked at as a legitimate division again. I don’t want to spoil it for the people who don’t read spoilers, but something huge is going to happen in the knockouts division very soon, and I’m hoping that’s a sign that the division will greatly improve in the near future. I recently watched an iPPV with Mickie James against a girl I had never heard of. It was a really good match, and it proves that there are so many great women’s wrestlers out on the indies, and I’m hoping TNA realizes this and signs some of them, so that the division can go back to being as awesome as it was in the days of The Beautiful People and Awesome Kong.

The tag team division has also been a complaint. At one point, TNA had countless tag teams such as the Motor City Machine Guns, Beer Money Inc, Generation Me. Even on the weekly PPVs the tag division was a HUGE part of the show. There was America’s Most Wanted, The Disciples of the New Church, and countless more. Now, the tag team division consists of The BroMans, Chavo and Hernandez, Bad Influence, Dewey Barnes and Norv Fernum, and possibly James Storm and Gunner (I couldn’t watch Impact due to my TV being down so I don’t know if anything happened with them). The BroMans have a decent amount of fans, but a lot of people don’t think they have good enough wrestling ability to be champions. They might not be the best wrestlers, but the division is definitely better with them as champions than it was when Storm and Gunner were champions. Chavo and Hernandez haven’t been on TV in awhile, but I think I heard they either came back on Thursday or will be soon. A lot of people don’t like them, but I think they are both good wrestlers and there’s no real reason for TNA to get rid of them, unless that would allow them to bring in a young tag team. Bad Influence is an AMAZING team, but they both should be going after the World Title in mine and many other people’s opinions. Dewey and Norv aren’t even official members of the roster, but they are insanely over for jobbers and I hope they are here to stay. A lot of people want Generation Me to come back, but if what RVD and Booker T claim is true (that they were disrespectful to them backstage), I’m not sure they deserve to be in the company.

Now onto my final topic, who should be in contention for the World Championship? There is a lot of debate on whether people like Austin Aries should be in the X-Division or going after the World Title. Also, having a midcard championship would greatly help TNA have a clear world title division. Personally, I think the world title division should consist of Jeff Hardy, Bully Ray, Christopher Daniels, Kazarian, Mr. Anderson, Bobby Roode, Kurt Angle, James Storm, and Austin Aries, then like I said earlier Joe should cash in the X-Division Championship for a World Title shot, putting him back in the main event where he should be.

I want to end this article by apologizing for not posting an article in so long. My internet and TV was down for about a week, and I just got them back for a couple days ago. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving.

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  • apeth88

    Magnus not ready…. will see about that on the 9th jan

  • http://www.tnanews.com/gut-check-didnt-they-see-nexus/ Sean

    'The TV Title can be a legitimate mid-card title' – I like this quote. Thats so true. It would help a lot. Also regarding the Magnus comment, he is still not ready even with the comment about 9th Jan.

    • master assassin


      • TNAisamazing

        can you not post spoilers in the comments. thanks, also I think your caps lock button is stuck…

  • Ric Santos

    This week was back to 1,200,000+ viewers. It was the holiday.

  • master assassin


    • TNAisamazing

      agreed, but why are you typing in caps?