What TNA Should Have Done 3-28-13


Another episode of Impact is in the books! Which means it’s time for another edition of What TNA Should Have Done!

This week was another live episode and the crowd was definitely hot! I can not say enough good about how much of a difference being on the road makes for the TNA product! It looks better, it feels better, everything is just an improvement! So let’s get down to business, and see What TNA Should Have Done!

I’m going to start tonight with the tag team match. I know TNA really only has 3 teams right now, and that does disappoint me, but at least the 3 teams they have all have good chemistry, so even though we have a depleted division at least what we have is talented. I personally am tired of Hernandez and Chavo getting title shots, we’ve seen it too often. I would’ve had Bad Influence go over here, then have the tag champs defend next week instead of in Corpus Christi and have Hernandez and Chavo interfere in that match cost BI the titles. You can then go in so many directions with the belts heading into Slammiversary.

Speaking of Slammiversary, why isn’t TNA building any matches for the second to last ppv of the year yet? The biggest complaint heading into Lockdown was they had extra time to build into it and they wasted too much of it. Stop making that mistake. You don’t have to announce every match right now, but start giving us something so that there’s a lot of anticipation for the big show.

Next on the list is the Knockouts segment. I liked most of this, what should’ve been changed, instead having Tarryn call out Kim, have Kim interrupt her before she can, then you can save the OFN theme instead of having a challenge then no match.

Let me pause and say, it’s great to see Petey Williams back on Impact! Hopefully this lasts! I also want to say if Adam Pearce isn’t given the contract and instantly put on TV, then gut check needs to disappear.

Finally the main event, Hardy VS Anderson, I understand the ending they gave us, but I would’ve preferred having Anderson go over with a Bully Ray assist and close the show with Aces & 8s looking real strong again, and have Hardy announce his stipulation next week.

Well that’s all for this week guys! All in all a good show from TNA tonight, it had a good pace and told good stories. Hopefully we start getting some Slammiversary announcements soon, so we can start getting hungry for the 11th anniversary show! Don’t forget to check out the other great articles on the site! We have a very talented group here, and they all put out good reads!

Don’t forget, I want to know what you think! What do you think TNA should have done tonight?

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