Whatever Happened Between AAA & TNA?



In February 2010 TNA Wrestling and Asistencia Asesoría y Administración (AAA) started exchanging talent and restarted their working relationship, which was previously thought to be impossible due to Konnan’s messy departure from TNA. As an avid wather of both TNA and AAA this excited me greatly. Right away TNA talent began heading south to represent the company, Mr Andrerson, Rob Van Dam and Hernandez being examples. The TNA talent also managed to capture some gold, with Abyss tagging up with Chessman and winning the AAA World Tag Team Titles and managing to hold the belts for 364 days. Jeff Jarrett also won his 11th world title by capturing the AAA World Heavyweight Title (The first American to do so and also the longest reigning champion in the titles history)



Initially, it was expected that AAA talent would begin appearing on TNA programming, with El Zorro confirming he signed a deal with the company. However, he never made one appearance in TNA and for that matter, neither did any of the other roster! It was disappointing to say the least, I for one was over the moon about the possibility of Teddy Hart, Jack Evans, El Mesias and Texano Jr appearing. Dream matches such as L.A Park/La Parka vs Sting could of been huge. I have no doubt that some of the more gimmick based wrestlers could of made an impact too, Gronda and Los Psycho Circus for example.  

I’ve always been curious as to why the relationship was never utilized to it’s full potential in TNA. In my opinion I would rather see a AAA Invasion of wrestlers than Ace’s & Eight’s these days. It would be great exposure internationally and could help expand the product into Mexico. I can’t help but wonder what a missed opportunity it was.



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  • jblack424

    If they did that I would hope they would do a lwo gimmick help add to war lwo or aces 8s or hogans tna then have aj, aries, bad influence, roode, sting do own thing. Storylines and great wrestling would happen