Which Tag Team TNA Should Hire And Fire

Which Tag Team TNA Should Hire

TNA should hire The American Wolves. The American Wolves debuted together as a tag team in Ring of Honor on December 26, 2008. They started out as heels in the faction Sweet N’ Sour Inc. They won the Tag Team Championships on April 10, 2009. They held the titles for 253 days. In 2009, Wrestling Observer Newsletter named them the Tag Team of the Year. Since then, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards have both gone on to win the ROH World Heavyweight Championship. In 2010, Davey Richards was ranked #32 of the top 500 single wrestlers in the PWI 500 with Eddie Edwards ranked #37. This tag team can be a force as either heels or faces. I will officially say more about them such as who they should feud with and if they should be faces or heels next month.

Which Tag Team TNA Should Fire


TNA should fire The Bro Mans. The Bro Mans were nothing but jobbers until their huge push at Bound For Glory. Before then, they lost every match. They usually faced Storm and Gunner. It is odd that they would then go on to defeat the Tag Team Champions at TNA’s biggest event of the year. The only reason that The Bro Mans have gotten a big push is because of their gimmick. TNA, like you see with Lei’D Tapa, likes to give pushes to people with a look and gimmick. The Bro Mans have nothing more than that. They are not phenomenal wrestlers. They are not a great tag team. They can do an entertaining promo but the Motor City Machine Guns and Young Bucks can do that. You have to also have wrestling abililty. The Bro Mans are not champions, nor has Robbie E had all of his singles titles, because of wrestling ability. It’s all about the gimmick and look.

Here is the current roster:

AJ Styles
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red
Anthony Nese
AR Fox
Austin Aries
Brian Kendrick
Bobby Roode
Bully Ray
Chris Sabin
Christy Hemme
Davey Richards
Dragon Lee
Eddie Edwards
Ethan Carter III
Gail Kim
Greg Marascuilo
Hector Guerrero
James Storm
Jeff Hardy
Jeremy Buck
Jeremy Borash
Jimmy Yang
Kenny King
Kurt Angle
La Sombra
Max Buck
Mike Tenay
Mr. Anderson
Sam Shaw
Samoa Joe
Taryn Terrell
Velvet Sky
Willie Urbina
Zema Ion

Coming Soon

Next month, the theme for Who TNA Should Hire will be past fan favorites of TNA. These are stars that the fans love and have been in TNA. They do not have to make it big in TNA to be hired or a part of this segment. They just have to be loved and be in TNA before. If you have suggestions, sound off. Most likely, I assume that your suggestions are the same as mine but you never know. You might remind me of someone that I have not thought of.

Also, next month I will be starting a monthly segment called Who Should Be In Each Division. For this series, I will be using the roster from Who TNA Should Hire And Fire and explain what division each wrestler should be in. This is sure to spark controversy and debate. For this series, because TNA does still have the TV Championship, I will be using it as one of the divisions.

As a reminder, I will be hiring Knockouts for Who TNA Should Hire And Fire all January and February. During January and February, no male wrestlers will be fired or retired. I feel this is still realistic considering the main eventers and legends that have been fired and retired and that still will be in December. After all of the people that will be retiring in the segment in December, TNA will have more than enough money to hire Knockouts and build the division.

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  • http://luchalibre.webs.com/ Luchador

    Bro Mans stepped it up at BFG they can only improve they just need to take that gimmick down and add Aggression

  • abwiz74

    The Wolves might be on their way to WWE so I've got a few other teams that TNA could consider:

    The Bravados
    Caprice Coleman & Cedric Alexander
    Bobby Fish & Kyle O'Reilly
    ACH & Tadarius Thomas
    The Super Smash Brothers
    The Shard & Jigsaw

    Any or all of these teams would be great additions to the roster

  • Aaronscottj

    The BroMans get heat and they work well as a permanent tag team. Chavo and Hernandez should be fired as a tag before them. Storm and Gunner were a horrible team, glad to see them breaking up. For a real tag division you want permanent teams that draw heat, which Robbie and Jessie do. It’s an outdated gimmick sure, but adding Zema Ion to the team was smart. I’d add two teams and reform LAX. Alongside Bad Influence, and Abyss and Young it’s not a bad division.

    • http://www.tnanews.com/gut-check-didnt-they-see-nexus/ Sean

      The praise for Bromans here, is well spoken here. The tag team division needs teams, including chavo & hernandez, storm & gunner. the more the merrier

      • http://www.tnanews.com/author/cbell/ Christopher Bell

        Sean, you are absolutely right in that the tag team division needs teams and the more the merrier. But it's like saying that TNA needs fresh new faces. It's true but that's too broad. We can't just have any fresh new faces or anyone in the tag team division. Do you really want to see Chavo and Hernandez as a tag team or are you just saying that because TNA needs tag teams? The same goes for Storm and Gunner. Motor City Machine Guns, American Wolves, and Young Bucks are so much better. I will be adding another person this week who could be put in the tag team division. Also, if you are serious about TNA needing tag teams, why not unmask Manik (he's already been unmasked anyway) and put him in a tag team with Amazing Red? It would make perfect sense as they are about the same age (Amazing Red= 31 T.J. Perkins= 29) and both have a unique high-paced style. As abwiz74 stated, we could also hire Jigsaw and The Shard and ACH and Tadarius Thomas. Adding people to the tag team division that can actually still wrestle (sorry Chavo and Hernandez, there are so many better than you) can work. We can package them with a gimmick just like the Bro Mans were.

        • http://www.tnanews.com/gut-check-didnt-they-see-nexus/ Sean

          Thats a fair point, tha you want teams with stability. Hernandez has been misused way too often to ever be in the singles division legitimitely, and since he has quite a lot of history with Chavo, he sees more suitable. James Storm will always be seen as the guy who was part of great teams. Teaming up with Roode was criticised too, but does Storm and Gunner have the time to build another dynasty? Maybe not with these guys not happy

          Hahahahaha!!! Such a good point about Manik hes already been revealed. Manik and Amazing Red would be great to show an X Division element, but the X Division itself needs people. I really liked a previous suggestion in a previous article of yours, for Generation Me to return. Thats a tag team to have an X Division element. Its like WWE and TNA switched in the usage of tag teams and female wrestling. WWE have given teams more significance in the last few years, while TNA have stopped. Also once a dominant knockout division, is behind the before, weak divas division. Triple H helped there, and must of read our articles to get help or something haha

  • http://www.tnanews.com/author/cbell/ Christopher Bell

    abwiz74 I love your comment. The Shard and Jigsaw is definitely one to think about. I've watched The Super Smash Brothers before and there not bad. ACH & Tadarius Thomas are definitely stars I will hire in the future when the chance comes. Not really sure about the others. Don't think I've heard about The Bravados, Cedric Alexander, and Kyle O'Reily. Will watch them and check them out. Thank you for your comment. They are definitely people that the average wrestling fan does not think about.