Which Tag Teams Should TNA Have?

This article is to say what tag teams TNA should have. For this, we will be using the Who TNA Should Hire And Fire roster.


The Eric Bischoff and Hulk Hogan Era was the worst era in TNA’s existence. It was hard to watch. I will admit. It was not as bad as WWF in 1995. But TNA was constantly putting wrestlers over 40 years old (The ECW guys, The Band, Rob Van Dam, Scott Steiner, and Hulk Hogan, to name a few) on TV. Not only would they get air time, but they were given championships. Before Bischoff and Hogan came, TNA was called a retirement home. They really made that come true. I felt at times I was only watching out of loyalty. I even quit watching for a few months.

Through all of the madness, there were a few great things. Every week for a while, TNA would bring in new young faces to compete in X-Division matches. Sadly, they did not stay. Among the newcomers, TNA brought in Generation Me. Fans were going crazy for them. They were calling them the new Hardy Boys. And honestly, they looked like them. They had the tag team moves. They had the chemistry. They had the look. They were just what TNA needed. They are still what TNA needs.


Anyone who knows anything about boxing knows about the debate of the G.O.A.T. It’s Aaron Pryor. Are you kidding me? Sugar Ray Robinson. You must be out of your mind. Mike Tyson all the way. Mike Tyson? What about Muhammad Ali? You guys must be new to boxing. It’s clearly Rocky Marciano! The newest boxing fans might even make a case for Floyd Mayweather. It is the same with tag teams in TNA Wrestling. Who is the best tag team? It is clearly the Latin American Xchange. There has never been a tag team like them before. With the power of Hernandez and the quickness of Homicide, these two were as great as peanut butter and jelly. Long time professional wrestling fans will say that the best tag team in TNA history is Team 3D. They might be the most well known tag team in professional wrestling history. Team 3D started in ECW’s Dudley Family in 1996. According to Wikipedia, the group have had 21 Tag Team Championships in their run as a tag team. Now that is amazing. I have heard America’s Most Wanted be mentioned as TNA’s best tag team. To me, this is crazy. They were entertaining to watch and great wrestlers. The more and more I watch of them, I do not feel as emotionally attached to them as LAX and Team 3D. People say Beer Money. Beer Money could easily be considered TNA’s best tag team. They are most certainly in the debate. Two former World Heavyweight Champions in James Storm and Robert Roode form the tag team. They are two of the best wrestlers. One tag team that I feel that everyone always overlooks is the Motor City Machine Guns. These men are phenomenal! They have the best chemistry of any tag team I have ever seen. Their moves are unique. They are fast paced. They are exciting. They can make the crowd get on their feet and chant “TNA! TNA! TNA! TNA!” over and over again. These men are crowd favorites and will always be crowd favorites. For the longest time, people have been wanting Alex Shelley to come back to reunite the Motor City Machine Guns. It’s for good reason. I feel that this tag team could easily be called the best tag team in the history of TNA Wrestling.


The American Wolves should be a tag team in TNA Wrestling. The fans love them. They are very much over in Ring of Honor. As Austin Aries once said, if you can get over in Ring of Honor, you can get over anywhere. They are two time Ring of Honor World Tag Team Champions. Both individuals of The American Wolves, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, have held the World Heavyweight Championship. They are loaded with talent. I believe they can also have charisma with the right gimmick. They just need to be showcased.


Brian Kendrick and Paul London could be a tag team in TNA Wrestling. The fans love them. The reason I say “the fans love them” when talking about tag teams is that the fans have to have a strong reaction for you. It doesn’t matter if they love you or hate you. If they don’t care, your getting nowhere. The fans were crazy for them when they were in WWE. They were easily the most entertaining tag team. They were the ones I always looked forward to seeing. Just as we say The Hardy Boys are an earlier version of Generation Me, we could say that Brian Kendrick and Paul London are an earlier version of The Motor City Machine Guns.


TNA should also make its own tag teams. They could make a tag team out of La Sombra and Dragon Lee. They could make a tag team out of Jay Lethal and Petey Williams. They could make a tag team out of Greg Marasciulo and Anthony Nese. TNA is great at this. They created LAX. They created Team Canada. They created America’s Most Wanted. They created The Naturals. They created the Spanish Announce Team. They created Beer Money Inc. They created The Motor City Machine Guns. They created The Naturals. They created The Hot Shots. They created The British Invasion. Last, but not least, they created Bad Influence. TNA is amazing at creating their own tag teams. They could, and should, easily create another tag team or two to go along with this list.

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