Who Could Be Behind The “#August1Warning” Video?

There is no doubt that TNA Wrestling is creating talk. In fact, I wrote on my Facebook page, that there has been more talk about TNA this month than any other time since its inception. There’s positive and negative talk, but the fact that they are creating talk is something special. TNA is furthering this talk with a video hyping the phrase, “#August1Warning.” If you haven’t seen the video, check it out below:

The question everyone has is… Who is behind this “#August1Warning” video? I asked around and Chris Surrency, from WWENews.net, and our own Jason Fanklin gave their thoughts on who it could be!

Chris Surrency:

I actually have three ideas on who it could be in the video.


We’ve seen it’s apparently as bald head which leads me to think first off, DOC could be returning with a new gimmick as someone who’s out for themselves after being stepped over in his faction, as well as being fired by TNA. His impact would be that he could be the man who winds up taking out the Aces from the inside, as he knows their workings and what to do to get each member.

My second theory, from the other day, was possibly Roy Jones Jr. after hearing about his upcoming boxing match with Rampage. I don’t think he would have too big an impact outside of being aligned with Aces, but I honestly don’t think that’s an option. I would prefer the first option to be the solution over this one as it wouldn’t do any good to bring in Jones. While he’s a character, I honestly don’t see a benefit to this addition.

The last theory, the one that came to mind was possibly D-Lo Brown. The problem here is that D-Lo is not a high impact character, bringing him back in some role isn’t going to make a big difference in the grand scheme of things. If Mark Henry had decided not to sign the extensions with WWE I could see this option working, as D-Lo could bring Henry in to start taking over the company, taking out person after person on their way to the top.

My theory is pretty much Drew Hankison is coming back in some role, as a main event worker who’s going to take down his former running mates.

People throwing on Goldberg, I’m not sure he’s going to go back and if he did I’m pretty sure he wouldn’t be nearly the guy we all remembered. In relation to Cody Hall, I think putting him in a major role after just 11 matches would be irresponsible on behalf of not only his father, but TNA, he’s not ready for that type of role, this early in his career he’s more of a liability than anything else.

Jason Franklin:


There are several reasons why TNA Wrestling would have delayed their #August1Warning. Or, maybe we can assume that it wasn’t delayed, that the company is merely testing out their internet marketability, and to keep people (like us) talking. As to the identity of the person in the video, it’s hard to say, though I know MVP has been popping up as a major TNA addition. For the record, I hope they don’t make that mistake. MVP is injury-prone, and with the BFG Series in full swing, I just don’t see room on their roster for his services.

I would like to think it was Jeff Jarrett, who is long-overdue for a return to Impact television, however neither the image or the voice seem to me like it could be him. If and when he does come back, it’s likely going to be at a scripted ‘power’ capacity, hopefully leading to a feud with Kurt Angle, Hulk Hogan or Sting. I’m not sure if he’s ring ready, but I know the wrestling world has not seen the last of Double-J.

I have a feeling that the person in the #August1Warning is DOC. The person sounds like they have a vendetta, and he clearly stated that he did not work for either TNA Wrestling or Spike TV. I was surprised when he wasn’t re-signed, and I have a hard time believing that, being one of the first (or first unmasked) members Aces & Eights, TNA would simply let him go. A returning DOC could change the BFG Series without even being a participant (though I felt he deserved the opportunity more than Mr. Anderson). It’s a win/win situation for TNA Wrestling, as it would give the angle a bit more life, something it has needed for some time now. DOC is a young, talented worker who could make a big return to WWE if TNA didn’t, or doesn’t, do something about it.

Alex Barie:

I was somewhat vocal about this whole video on my Facebook page, but I was more so curious as to who other people thought it could be. I read a wide range of answers. Some said Jeff Jarrett. First off, I was told he refused to, “Be part of TNA.” Is that a lead-in because the person in the video said he doesn’t work for TNA Wrestling or Spike TV? Very interesting, to say the least.


Another mention was Goldberg. Now, I know TNA had talks with Goldberg in the past, but nothing worked out. Has a deal been made? There are lots of people who are convinced it is Goldberg. I just don’t see it being him. It certainly would be awesome if it was though.

Other mentions were Cody Hall and Stone Cold Steve Austin. First off, as Chris mentioned, Cody is very new in the business as he just finished his 11th match. Stone Cold wouldn’t even look in the direction of TNA right now. Those two are out. More mentions were MVP and John Morrison. MVP said it wasn’t him on Twitter but we know how true that social media site can be sometimes. As far as Morrison… it could be but did he really shave his head?

The only person I didn’t mention was DOC. Could it really be him? His contract did expire with the company a few weeks ago. They couldn’t reach a deal… or could they? We know anything is possible in the wrestling business. Remember when Devon‘s contract “expired” in TNA Wrestling? Was it really expired or did TNA and Devon work the wrestling world? I was shocked when TNA decided to move on with DOC because he was on television almost every week. He is the most relevant guy who could come in. The biggest name guy, certainly not, but we know how TNA works. They have a lot of hype and usually people say it leads to, “Disappointment.” DOC would be my guess, but I wouldn’t bet any money on it. I certainly am excited to see who it is.

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  • christopher525

    Just thought of one last idea this morning, maybe Shelton Benjamin. While he's not this massive name like a Goldberg, he's still a hell of a worker who people would like to see on television (ROH may have a deal, but not a TON of people are watching them) again.

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    its not goldberg thats for sure and he wants way to much money and its not austin thats for sure and i don;t think its mvp but u never know it could be mvp but mvp would need a whole new gimmick and name

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    its not lowki either and its probally not adma priece either so it could be someone from ovw who knows

  • wrestlingscoops2323

    tna should have ran this video on impact wresting last week or let it build up for a few weeks then reveal him then

  • https://twitter.com/TNA_is_Best TNA_is_Best

    The last time we saw a message about a big name coming, there were several wrestlers that everyone mentioned and were hyped up about. I was hyped up as well but we saw Rampage Jackson. Not to say that he can't bring anything with his character, but it definitely wasn't what we expected it to be. Now again there is a message about a mysterious person coming and people are going through names again like Goldberg, and MVP. No disrespect to specifically Alex or to call him out. It's tons of other people. I even joined in on it saying I hope that it is Senshi.

    I do not see this as being a huge acquisition just for the reason that the video has only been shown on the internet. A casual fan who does not look up things about TNA online would have clue about this. Considering that and how much TNA hyped up returns such as Sting and Kurt Angle, there would be no way it could be a big name in the wrestling world. If it was truly a big name, they would either have it hyped up to the max or have the person come on a huge show (such as maybe Hardcore Justice).

    This show coming up on iMPACT is not a huge show. It is a live show but that is it. That being said, I can't imagine a big talent name (such as Jeff Hardy's 2010 return) appearing on a show that doesn't seem more special than any other show. If it was truly important, even if TNA had just acquired this person, they would take some time to hype them up.

    To just put a video on the internet without showing anything on TV makes me believe it is just to try to create some hype for this week's show. Honestly, before this video appeared, I was thinking this week would be one to skip. Nothing has been announced that I remember except for Sabin vs. Manik. This match is going to be Champion vs Champion. Even so, it seems we almost always have a huge main event so it didn't seem like there was much hype for this show as usual.

    Until this came out. This video is serving as a flame to get interest for this week's show. I don't see it as anything more or less but we will see.

    • Alex Barie

      Not sure what you really meant by no disrespecting me because I just mentioned those names, Goldberg Stone Cold, because those were two names that I heard from other people. I very well can say it won't be Stone Cold. I don't think it could be Goldberg.

      I do agree with you on this video. It was very unexpected and came out of nowhere. There simply was no build to it like The Wyatt Family had on WWE Raw. However, I can say that maybe this is a new signing and TNA wanted to get this person on TV as fast as possible. We will have to wait and see.

  • John

    The shadowy figure in the first few seconds of the video reminds me of hardcore Holly. Just a thought

  • Charlie

    When I first watched it the voice Really sounded like Low Ki, but Richard said said earlier that it isn't him, and I'm not sure if it was confirmed, but I think he is right about nit not being him.

  • jim fletcher

    Did anyone mention King No. We know he is under contract with TNA wrestling.

  • TNA Chris

    I’m pretty sure it’s Roy jones jr to promote his fight with rampage.

  • Jerald Bryant

    Ok now if look at the video and the head shape its the rock

  • TNA Chris

    I’m pretty sure it’s an ex wwe wrestler with all of these name drops.

  • Lild53210

    It’s Scott halls son Cody hall

  • mike w

    Bobby Lashley!

  • Edward

    Go to Nathan jones wiki and it will answer your question he’s currently signed to Tna

    • TNA Chris

      I did an it does not say that. Tito Ortiz is my new speculation.