Who Is The New TNA Investor?!

Last night at Genesis, one of the highlights in my opinion, was the segment with TNA’s newest tag team, Davey Richards and Eddie Edwards, and Dixie Carter. If you didn’t see it, or missed part of it like I did before rewatching it on YouTube, basically Dixie said she was excited for their tryout match, but then Eddie and Davey said that they had already signed their TNA contracts. Dixie asked who they signed the contracts with and they said “They said she might react like this.” They then handed her an envelope thing with the contract inside, and she took it out and looked at it, and then said something about a new TNA investor. This segment was great in two ways, it debuted two of the most popular independent wrestling talents, and it began a new storyline. Since then, many people have been wondering who the new TNA investor is. After scrolling through Youtube comments, tweets, and watching the video over and over again, I have come up with a list of who I think could be the new TNA investors. (The list is not in any order)

5. Jeff Jarrett – Ever since nearly a month ago when TNA Founder Jeff Jarrett shocked the internet, resigning from his position in TNA, there has been a lot of people thinking it is part of some huge elaborate work. I thought that too, but over the past couple weeks I have started to think that it is legit. However, there is still a possibility that this could be a work, especially after this new TNA investor storyline.

Jeff Hardy
4. Jeff Hardy – Although Jeff is the person the least amount of people think the investor is from what I’ve seen, it is a possibility. When one of the Wolves said “They said she might react like this,” it made me think it is someone who does not exactly like Dixie, and due to Dixie’s group costing him the TNA World Championship, he fits that category perfectly.

3. Hulk and Brooke Hogan – Before you track me down and come to my house to murder me, or go to the nearest bar at the thought of this happening, THERE IS LITTLE TO NO CHANCE OF THIS HAPPENING, I just felt the need to put it there, because it would make sense. But based on that TNA says they are starting a new era, that nobody would ever watch TNA again (half joking), and that Hulk is almost definitely working WrestleMania 30, there is a VERY SMALL chance of it happening.


2. Sting – For weeks, Sting has been leading the ‘Friends of AJ’ group, which basically consists of all the major faces in the company. Many people, including myself, think next week’s world title match will be Sting’s last appearance in TNA before going to WWE for WrestleMania 30, it would be pretty awesome if he got pinned and then said he was the new TNA Investor.

1. AJ Styles – Pretty much ever since AJ left with the title and decided to defend it nationally, people have been saying it’s all going to lead up to a huge return and he is going to be back on top as the top guy in TNA. I don’t know the likeliness of this happening considering AJ is working ROH shows for the next couple weeks/months, but it is definitely a possibility and would make a lot of people happy.

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  • Alex Barie

    Interesting picks, Jake! Thanks for doing this article!

    I had my own picks in mind. While Jeff Jarrett is the name circulating around the internet with this new investor storyline, I also want to point out what Eddie and Davey said. They stated that, "They said she'd react like this." They is the key word. Remember "They"? They as in 10/10/10. They as in Jeff, Eric, Hulk, and Jeff. It turned to Immortal. They actually did take over TNA after running Dixie out.

    I also want to point out Mick Foley as he, at one time, was an investor in TNA (story wise). He then became The Network, which also came with power.

    Truth be told, TNA has took this route before but it is interesting to bring up past names and wonder who they think of this time.

    • TNAisamazing

      I didn't even think about the 'They' thing oh my god

      • Shanna

        Notice also before the "they" comment he said "HE said" then quickly corrected with "THEY said she'd react like this."

        • Shanna

          Also she said "InvestoR" and not "investorS" seems like they're trying to make the fans really pay attention to the "little things." This could be very interesting. I'm looking forward to the build up & finding out who it is. Just hope it's not a big disappointment in the end. :/

          • Alex Barie

            Good point. I didn't even think about that. I also have to wonder if they will address how the new investor came into the company. I mean, are Janice and Bob Carter going to appear sometime down the line because The Carters own majority of the company. I am curious how this new investor came about.

          • Shanna

            I hope they do. I think it would be very strange to suddenly have this person or people come in to go over Dixie's head and not address how it all happened. I've been reading other comments on other pages about this and some think that the Carters have sold TNA or are looking to take a "quiet/backseat" role and this will be a way of explaining it when Dixie is gone. I do know I am looking forward to seeing more segments and finding out who it is. :)

    • http://www.tnanews.com/gut-check-didnt-they-see-nexus/ Sean

      Alex the philosopher! Intriguing point there! AJ Styles and Jeff Jarrett which I thought could have happened before. With your comment and Jake's intriguing article, it makes sense

    • dakota funk

      if that is true then i guess we all can say bye bye tna because eric and hulk will drive the company to the ground and besides hulk is returning to wm and jeff might “Might” return to the royal rumble eric bishoff a giant possibility

  • Kronos

    ‘They’ Could mean toby keith as the investor & he might have Jeff Jarrett as his adviser.

    • Alex Barie

      Very well could. Play right into the IWC.

    • lord of honor

      Ah, that would make sense. They didn't say what exactly they were doing in wrestling together, they could be trying to rebuild tna. Nice thinking

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  • http://yahoo.com donald lowe

    I think a.j.sytles would be the best thing to happen to t n a wrestling and kick the carters right out the back door

  • http://yahoo.com olivia johnson

    I hope that sting or jeff hardy is the new investor that would shut dixie carters big fat mouth

  • http://yahoo.com donald lowe

    if jeff hardy is the new investor he will do what best for tna wrestling so would stinger their two of my favorite wrestlers cause i cant stand dixie carter

  • http://yahoo.com olivia johnson

    maybe just maybe it will be jeff jarrett he is better at knowing how to run tna wrestling

  • http://yahoo.com donald lowe

    it would surprize everyone if it was mick foley who was the new investor of t n a wrestling

  • ryanarmitage

    I think it could be jeff jarret, to help aj styles make his return to tna or it could be them both who knows. Or it could be sting and jarret. It would be great to see dixie carters stupid heel thing end and that paper champion magnus beat,I’m from the uk yeah magnus is british but I don’t like him as the champion it should be aj styles I feel he was robbed out of a fair match yeah I get it was a no dq match, but there was no need for all of that interference what so ever. Proves magnus can’t beat aj without any help.

  • crazychrisr

    Billy Corgan and Jeff Jarrett

  • crazychrisr

    Jim Ross would be cool as well.

  • Shanna

    Just had a thought: What if there's no one right now. Like they're just starting the story & wanted to keep everyone interested & that's why they kept switching back and forth from "He" to "They" and "Investors" to "investor." And they (TNA) have people reading the internet to see who everyone thinks it is and then they'll have some random person come in just so it's someone NO ONE guessed! lol. That'd be weird but it could be. Ha.

  • Nikki

    What about Shane McMahon ? I know that he stepped down from WWE to make his own name, it could
    be him, what do you think about that one ?

    • Shanna

      I don't keep up with WWE but Shane is a good guess. I never thought about him. It could be. At this point it could be anyone from Magnus (about to screw over dixie) to one of Gail Kim's ex boyfriends from high school that no one has ever heard of! Haha. I guess we'll see. :)

    • Sparro

      I was about to mention Shane as the underdog investor. They did it once before when Shane took over wcw in the days of taking over businesses

  • Matt

    It may be someone from wwe Shane or Vince. Neither one appear on wwe shows any more and they may take it down like wcw. Others could be Jim Cornette he knows the American wolves from his days with roh. I don’t think it’s the Jarretts but that would be cool. It want be sting because he would not be revealed before his one day contract for mania.

  • Pete

    Jim Ross is back with WWE

    • Phil

      actually he was hired by fox sports 1

  • dakota funk

    First of all A.J. is not it hes going back to ROH if you dont thinks thats true go to rohwrestling.com and sign up and watch his return to roh Sting is a possibility but i think hes going to the WWE hall of fame this year maybe even a wwe debut hulk hogan is going to wm30 and jeff jarrett again possible but i dont think hes it i think it might be Jim Cornett since he use to work there and jeff hardy might end up returning to the Royal Rumble but who knows we just got to find out

  • dakota funk

    i just thought of this lex lugar with the raw and nitro thing the same night or the next night “Paul Heyman” is possible to do that Don west also a good pick to be the investor don west always was a wrestling man enjoyed his job and if you watched tna dixie said the new investor is more in wrestling work not business work or something like that don west comes in mind in that part but it dosent exactly have to be paul heyman with the raw to tna night it could be cm punk daniel bryan dean ambrose or it could be ROH it self taking over TNA

  • Shanna

    I don't think it's AJ-he's booked for independent shows (ONLY A FEW ROH SHOWS&he's already said he doesn't have a contract ANYWHERE!) until late April. If he & TNA come to an agreement they may play off that he's involved in the story but it's VERY unlikely that he's involved right now. Same with Sting. Why have him lose his contract only to bring him back the following week as the new investor. Again, if he stays/resigns they can play off that he's involved but I don't think he is right now. I just hope it's not a big disappointment cause there's rumors this story is going to go through OCT. If it does, they better have someone that people will be excited about.

  • dakota funk

    you know all thoughs rumors on TNA for sale maybe billy corgan really did buy it who knows maybe bobby rode bought it or maybe its just part ownership who knows i think TNA is going to have an amaizing future just depends who it is if its don west jim cornnette billy corgan or even bobby rode it could mean big big things in the futer

    • Shanna

      Bobby Roode? Hm. That makes me wonder if it is one of the heel wrestlers and they're using this investor for a face turn. The investor's moves so far seem to be face. (Going over Dixie to sign the wolves-knowing she'd be unhappy-and letting Sting have someone to back him up during his match.) There are no giveaways in this although i do think the video the wolves did seemed to be giving hints. Maybe that's why they're revealing him/them so quick: they don't want something to slip that would give it away for sure before TNA has control of the reveal. I just hope it's someone cool.

  • DBJohnson2k

    Well Jeff Jerret is back in TNA. and WWE have been Promoting the heck out of Sting since he lost his comtact Thursday. AJ is in Ring of Honor, and Hogan is in the a main event in Wrestlemania. Jeff hardy is a free agent. but I thank it Roddy Piper. look at the location. It the Hot Rod Roddy Piper home town.

    • Shanna

      JJ is back with TNA?! Really?! I didn't hear about that. AJ still doesn't have a ROH contract and for the last couple of months he hasn't added any indy dates past late April. He's wrestling EVERYWHERE though. Jeff Hardy was written off for a while cause he can't travel to the UK. He'll be back once they come back to the US and will probably be brought back as part of this investor story. I can't wait to find out who this person is. I'm kind of getting sick of heel dixie though. She just needs to stay in the back-unheard and unseen!

      • matt

        Aj styles ANGLE JOE The Wolves mvp storm gunner vs EC3 the bromans spudd magnus bad influance

    • Alex Barie

      Jeff Jarrett resigned from TNA Wrestling on December 23rd. It went in effect in early January. While Jeff still owns shares in the company (what I was last told), Jeff doesn't work for the company anymore.

  • DBJ

    TNA Wrestling Issues Statement On Jeff Jarrett’s Resignation With The Company

    Richard Gray reported on the news of Jeff Jarrett resigning from TNA Wrestling earlier today. Hours later, after Jeff announced it on his Twitter account, TNA Wrestling issued the following statement below:

    TNA Entertainment, LLC announced today that it has accepted Mr. Jeff Jarrett’s resignation from the company effective January 6th, 2014. Dixie Carter, President, commented “On behalf of TNA, we would like to thank Jeff for his contributions to the Company. We wish him the very best and look forward to his continued participation as an investor in TNA Wrestling.”

  • luck

    I hope its.hogan.tna going down hill.without him js

  • Constant

    I hope is..

    Jeff Jarett or

    Hulk Hogan or

    Shane McMahon (but not to unite the WWE with TNA) or

    Eric Biscoff

  • Shanna

    i wonder if this person be an active wrestler or just play the part of "an investor."?

  • Mike Burgett

    It's Billy Coragan they will bring his talent from ROH ie the newly signed AJ Stylls o yeah the American Wolves. Hmm maybe they will sign STING. Or Jeff Hardy they and ready have Matt Hardy as talent .

  • Linda Partington

    I think it will be Jeff Jarrett and Toby Keith, but it could be Hulk Hogan!

  • mrcritter

    My problem is if Dixie hires vince Russo again !! there is gonna be the same stupid story lines!! Then the iompossible things he wants them to do!!

  • shaun

    As everyone knows hogan is with wwe hardy isnt going to the uk thats why hes off the telly

  • chrisatticus

    Please Jeff Jarrett with the Guitar! SLAP NUTS! :-)

  • AndrewR

    1. its not hogan hes signed with wwe
    2. its not hardy – the reveal is in scotland and hardy isnt allowed to travel with the company to the UK due to his previous arrests and stuff which is why he has always been written out before the tour happens
    3. not sting, hes about to sign with wwe

    could quite easily be double J or AJ and both have been works, AJs contract did expire and he is under short term with ROH but could easily sign with TNA aswell, latest talk is that it is MVP for some reason. if its him then its an interesting role for him :)

  • Shanna

    I will be watching tomorrow night! I think they should have more build to the reveal but I guess they want to do it before something gives it away 100%. I just really hope it's someone good. Fingers crossed for this one. TNA needs help and I think this could repair damage or push the "sinking ship" below the surface!

  • kenny

    What if it the world most dangerous man ken shamrock know for yelling stay out my way. As the new investment image how the crowd act when they hear his music ( stay out my way.

  • matt

    It would make sense if at bound for glory AJ was named the main investor

  • brian the dude

    Dare I say CM Punk?