Who Is The TNA Television Champion Again?

TNA Devon

One of the reasons I am attracted to TNA’s Impact Wrestling, is because of the fact that they focus on things that are long forgotten in WWE, such as legit mid-card storylines, match builds, and the prestige of their championships.  While it looks like and you can read about TNA doing a better job of bringing back the importance of the X-Division, I can’t help but have to constantly sit back and ask myself, who is the TNA Television Champion again?  Oh right, Ace’s & Eight’s Devon.

As far as singles competition goes, the TNA Television Championship should be the second most important championship in TNA, and the most defended.  What is the point of a “television championship” when the title is not defended on TV?  If memory serves me right, WCW Television Champions such as Arn Anderson and Steven Regal defended the belt at least every other week; at least.

Now, given the type of product that TNA is producing, and the fact that they only have one, 2 hour TV show, I can understand someone like Devon not defending his championship weekly, or Velvet Sky not defending her Knockouts Championship weekly, but I honestly can’t recall the last time I saw Devon, defend the TV Championship.  For someone like Devon, it’s even more important that he is on TV with that title considering his position with the Ace’s & Eight’s, considering the stable’s current main event position in the company.

TNA has a great product, hands down.  I enjoy TNA’s product over WWE’s product because they are more wrestling based.  I see the TNA Television Championship taking the path of the WWE Intercontinental or United States Championships, which have almost no prestige or value.

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  • tom

    He defended it once against Angle a few months back but it was only a match to further the Aces storyline. It has a record to hold prestige with greats such as Booker, Foley, Joe, Nash, Aj, Abyss, EY and Doug Williams having held it. It just needs consistancy to maintain relevence now. I hearf people say it should be dropped to Magnus now but i think it Devon should lose it to a big name like Angle or Storm, to build it as important, who then go on to lose it two weeks later (after defending it both weeks) to an aces member tna want to build (knux, Wes or Anderson) and have them defend it each week until a decent fued is buit with Magnus so he can take it at the next ppv (build the fuck outa that match, even suspending the titles defense for 3 weeks beforehand, to create even more importance around the title) and then he can have a long reign where he eventually loses it to an up and comer (maybe EY) when he is ready to move onto the heavyweight ala the rock in 98 or cena in 05

  • tom

    Not really much point i the ko tag titles now though is there? Unless they start doing title changes on pre shows and xplosion

    • http://www.tnanews.com Jon Edney

      I agree about the Knockout's Tag Team Championship, to a point. TNA does a great job with the Knockouts, and it has the momentum to be much more than it is now.

  • http://www.tnanews.com Jon Edney

    You're right, with Hogan aboard you never know. I just don't want to see the secondary titles end up worthless as they are in the WWE. In it's prime, WCW's secondary titles meant something, gosh the Cruiswerweight Championship at many times was almost a main-event level title, with the matches and storylines associated with it. Bischoff was responsible for that, so I believe it's bouncing around his great mind.

  • Steven

    Maybe they should just go back to calling it the Legends title. I think a lot of us older fans got spoiled with how the NWA/WCW TV title was often the main event on TBS. As it is, the TV title in TNA is nothing but a prop that doesn’t even get noticed. At least the Million Dollar Man used his meaningless prop to get attention.

  • nigga nigga

    Devon is a nigger