Fan Response: Who TNA Needs To Hire Again

Christian Cage

Christian Cage

Until a couple years ago, Jeff Jarrett was a huge force in TNA, and was a 6-time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, while TNA was part of the NWA. While many people say he hogged the main event scene, the years while he was in the main event scene are looked at as the best years of TNA. He is a huge name in wrestling, and it would definitely benefit the company if he came back to an onscreen role. Jarrett left his onscreen TNA role in 2011 to go to Mexico to work in AAA. If Jarrett came back to an onscreen role, he could go against Team Dixie, and maybe bring some old TNA stuff back, such as maybe the six-sided ring, which would definitely make the IWC happy. Even if he comes back after the Team Dixie story is over, it’d be nice to have back someone who has been there since the beginning. Jeff Jarrett was in the first major TNA feud with Scott Hall. They put on some great matches, and even though he is not as young as he was then, he is still in good shape and I’m sure he’s still great in the ring. Jeff Jarrett will most likely be next years TNA Hall of Fame Inductee, so maybe he will return at next years Bound For Glory? I’m hoping it’s before that, and that would piss a lot of people off if he was the inductee next year, so I’m really hoping he returns in the next few months.

Christian Cage, also known as Christian from the well known tag team Edge and Christian, was a two time NWA World Heavyweight Champion, and was a huge part of TNA from 2005 until 2008. While he was been insanely successful in WWE, Christian has never really been a main-eventer, however in TNA he was a main-eventer pretty much throughout his whole career. Even though he is probably close to retiring and from what I have heard does not like TNA, it would be awesome to see him come back to TNA for the last couple years of his career.

In early 2011 after being released from WWE, Matt Hardy entered TNA. He was there for only a few months, but made a decently big impact on the company. He was released after a DWI, and has been in ROH and doing indy shows since his release, but I’m hoping that at some point he returns to TNA.

Awesome Kong, also known as Amazing Kong, was a HUGE force in the TNA Knockouts Division from 2007-2010. She was a 2-time Knockouts Champion and a 1-time Knockouts Tag Team Champion, and put on some great matches during her TNA run. I would LOVE for her to return, especially considering she is in GREAT shape now, and she is still relatively young, however I doubt TNA would treat her as well because of her (awful and short) WWE run, and in a 2012 interview she stated she would never work for TNA again.  I hope that one day they can come to terms on a return even if it is just for a couple weeks. She was asked to return for the Knockouts Knockdown pay-per-view, but chose to turn down the offer, which makes me think she has personal issues with someone in TNA.

Jay Lethal was a big star in TNA. He was a 6-time X-Division Champion, a 1-time Tag Team Champion with Consequences Creed, won the Tag Team Championship shot in Feast or Fired 2008, and his team won the 2008 World X-Cup. He is currently signed to ROH, but I recently had a conversation with him on a chatroom he was on that he linked to on his Twitter, and he stated he would return to TNA if he was not on contract with Ring of Honor, which hopefully means that when his contract expires (I’m not sure how far away that is, hopefully it’s not too far away) he will return to TNA. He is only 28, and has a long way to go before he retires.

Alex Shelley was a 1-time tag team champion, a 1-time X-Division Champion, and his team won the 2008 World X-Cup. When you ask people who they want to return to TNA, a majority will say Alex Shelley. He is most well known for his tag team with Chris Sabin, the Motor City Machine Guns, and is only 30, so hopefully one day we will see him back in TNA.

Thanks for reading, comment what you think :D!

By Jake Mandell


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  • Chris

    No Elijah Burke? Seriously, he might have had as much charisma as CC. At least almost as much. The fans loved him and his wrestling ability was there. He definitely had the mic skills. Hard to believe how much this guy gets overlooked.

    No Amazing Red? I would rather see Amazing Red than Jay Lethal. Or at least as much. Point is, Amazing Red was the most exciting X-Division star when he was in TNA.

    A majority will say Alex Shelley? That's crazy. If you put him with Sabin again, then maybe he would be my top pick. But as a singles competitor, I could never really get that much behind him. Amazing Red and Elijah Burke are always more entertaining than Alex Shelley.

    • TNAisamazing

      I didn’t put Elijah because he is currently in OVW, meaning he will most likely be back on impact soon. As for Shelley, I meant so that MCMG can happen again. About Amazing Red, I completely forgot about him tbh it’d be awesome if he came back.

  • The Boss

    The moment I read the suggestion of bringing back the six sided ring I stopped reading. Clearly this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

    • TNAisamazing

      Personally, I don’t want it back. I even put ‘That would make the IWC happy.’ If they brought it back maybe people would shut up literally on every old TNA match on YouTube it has at least one comment telling TNA to bring it back

  • Hypno-King

    Bring back winter, and Mickie James (if she has left the company), so they can repeat the winter-angelina love storyline, but with mickie and velvet sky acting almost like her drones, so she doesnt have to wrestle, but she just argues them around without any resistence (that would be awesome)

    • Tna-babemagnet

      i meant orders them around

  • mikey

    Wow really? There is no one clamoring for Alex shelly, Christian wouldn’t do much if anything for tna, kong would only be good if the knockouts were able to do their thing. Seriously did you pick names out of a hat at random?

    • Chris

      Mikey, I think your right as far as CC goes. CC was great when he was in TNA but I'm not sure I'd be on board with him coming back. Too much time has passed. Now, it seems like he would be seen as a legend and someone that might take more time away from the originals.

      You are very right on Kong. Personally, I haven't seen the women's division be good in a very long time. Now, with that said, Gail Kim has had great matches with about anyone she works with. I'm just saying that when the division has usually had up to 4 people in it, there doesn't seem like much of a point to it. Scrap it. Especially now with ODB as champion. To me, I'd rather have Madison Rayne, Angelina Love, Daffney or probably anyone that you can think of than ODB. It's just hard for me to see her as a legitimate wrestler. So for my personal opinion, I'd want the Knockouts division to be scrapped. It seems its just there because they have to have a women's division, not because they really want one. If they did really want one, seems like they would have more girls than Velvet Sky, ODB, Gail Kim, and Taryn Terrell.

      We are going for Alex Shelley, just as a tag team partner. If not with MCMG, then I do not want to see him back. If only as a singles wrestler, there is no point. Jay Lethal would be a much better fit than Shelley if we are bringing back someone from old for the X-Division. But if he would come back to team and be a part of the Motor City Machine Guns, it could work.

  • Chris

    Also, we should now have an article written up about who TNA should hire from the indies or WWE. Now that would be entertaining. I heard Mascara Dorada made his debut in WWE last night. That is a steal! It is someone who I have said a few times on this website that TNA should hire. If WWE always recruits the right people (Tyler Black, Bryan Danielson, Low Ki, I could go more if I watched WWE) then TNA should step it up. Instead of which legend should TNA hire next, it should be which indie star should TNA hire.

    • TNAisamazing

      WWE failed with Low-Ki though

      • Sean

        He started well but he was quite vocal about his tna past

  • Sean

    Interesting read and this is why I co-operated with TNAisamazing for his article to be published. This all came from a debate from slightly different views. Just like what is happening here. This is what is so good about having debates amongst wrestling fans

  • The Night Shift

    This might sound a little odd, but I would like to see Matt and Jeff Hardy go for the tag belts in TNA. have them feud with Gunner and Storm. Maybe bring in Harry Smith and Ted Dibiase jr. as a tag team also, and have matches between the three teams. Christian back in TNA would be great for his last run. I would love to see Amazing Red again, but this seems unlikely at the moment. Hamada, Alissa Flash, and Awesome Kong would be great to see also. Also Psychosis and Juventud Guerrera with the masks on would be great for us diehard WCW Nitro fans.