Who Will Be The Next TNA Hall Of Fame Inductee?

I am sitting here as the WWE Hall of Fame starts and it has me thinking of all of the talent that is part of it. I think of their contributions to the industry and what they did to signify their career. I then take a step back and think of TNA Wrestling. The company started the TNA Hall of Fame last year to help make Slammiversary a major pay-per-view. The first inductee was none other than The Icon Sting. I started to think… who will the next inductee be?

The wrestling business is a difficult business. It is difficult to please everyone. You can plead some but there will be some where you can’t please or may never please. The thing is, not everyone was happy when TNA announced Sting as the first inductee into the Hall of Fame. Did you think it was a good move? There were others that really could be the first inductee. I think Sting even said himself that he felt like there were better choices than him for the first inductee. We can go on as to why Sting was picked, but I want to focus on the next inductee.


Who exactly will be inducted into the Hall of Fame. Certainly the name that will be brought up would be Jerry Jarrett or Jeff Jarrett. Those are the obvious choices. Those are the right choices. Those were also people’s number one choice. That didn’t happen. Will TNA bring those two back to the company to have them in the Hall of Fame? Will Dixie Carter, Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff make it happen? If not them, who else?

TNA is known for doing things that people do no see whether it is through story lines or through their business tactics. If TNA will not do what we think, inducting Jerry or Jeff Jarrett, then who will they pick? The names that come to mind are Hulk Hogan and Kurt Angle. Dixie will certainly be up for it. So will Hulk himself.

While the WWE Hall of Fame is for the stars that Vince McMahon likes. It is all about who he is friends with rather than true talent in the company’s history. Is TNA’s the same way? We know Dixie and Sting’s relationship. Will she bring in another friend of hers, like Kurt Angle? Will she use this Hall of Fame as a tactic to have people stay in the company? Sting’s contract is a yearly debate and Kurt Angle’s contract is coming close to a year left. How long will Hulk Hogan be there?

So, who would you pick as the second inductee into the TNA Hall of Fame? Who should be the right choice? Who do you think TNA will actually pick?

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  • KRS

    Double J for me, he is TNA! I'd be happy to see Angle be next though, or as unlikely as it is, Raven.

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  • Mark freeman

    I’d say it needs to be someone not on the roster. The Jarretts may be a good choice but I’d like Jeff back. I’d say maybe have a class this year. People like Rhino, Raven, Jerry Lynn that have maybe had their day now but did really help TNA