Who’s Next For Eric Young?


So Sacrifice saw Eric Young retain the World Title against Magnus in what I thought was a very good match. Maybe Magnus used one too many wear down holds in the first half of the match but that’s a minor complaint. All in all the match built well and Eric Young showed he can hold his own in a main event match. For me the Magnus feud should now come to an end. Young won the rematch and at a guess Magnus will move into a program with Abyss. Which leaves the question of, “Who is next for Eric Young?”


First up is a continuation of the Magnus feud but adding Abyss to the equation so it ties in with the Abyss/Magnus issue. Also it makes sense as Abyss was the last man Young eliminated to win the Battle Royal, which lead to his World Title win. Potentially this could lead to a Triple Threat at Slammiversary or an One Night Only show. The match itself should be decent with Young and Magnus doing most of the leg work.


James Storm’s feud with Gunner reached a logical conclusion at Sacrifice with Storm losing the I Quit Match, as all heels should, and surely moving onto a new challenge. Granted coming off a loss doesn’t put him in pole position for a title shot but logic doesn’t have to apply to heels. Young needs a strong heel to play off and few are stronger than Storm at the moment. As for the quality of the match(es) there is potential there for classics as both Young and Storm can be great in the ring. As a quick side note to James Storm, again you could add Gunner if you wanted to prolong that feud, though I don’t like the dynamic of 2 faces against 1 heel in a Triple Threat. Looking at how Sacrifice panned out I don’t see the Bully Ray/Robert Roode feud ending just yet. While adding Young has great potential from an ring in point of view, I would like to see Young steer clear from an issue that already involves Dixie Carter as an extra addition.


The current status of Samoa Joe seems one that nobody can neither confirm nor deny. Rumor was that he was injured which Joe, via Twitter, strenuously denied and yet he has not appeared on TV. Leaving one to assume that physical, personal or mental there is a possibility that Joe has or had an issue. Provided these have been sorted, Joe could easily turn heel and face Young in what should be physical and intense matches and confrontations. This could be the kind of feud that finally lights a fire and gives us the old Joe back, though the points for that are for another time.


Lastly we come to Austin Aries. For me this is the one that gets me the most excited. Aries has been off TV a while and while he, senselessly, lost to MVP on Impact, he is not involved in a feud at the moment and that could be quickly erased by having him become the No1 contender. The feud with Young has massive potential and match quality would be off the charts for 2 premier workers like these.

Who do you guys think or would like to see Young face next?

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  • Jeff Elliott

    Well the next ppv is slamiversary 12 I smell a good old fashioned king of the mountain match. They already are showing us old kotm matches on their site so it wouldn’t surprise me if they did. My 4 candidate to participate with ey I hope to see, would be magnus, abyss, heel Aries and gunner. I don’t know about you mark but what do you think?

  • Mark M

    I would love to see the KOTM match return. For me it was a link to the original TNA and it something no one else does. Would definitely go with Abyss, Magnus and Aries. Last place is a bit more trickier as it should be a face but i am not convinced with Gunner in the role yet. Saying that there is another 5 or so Impacts to build him up for it. Failing that, for me it would be Kurt Angle.

  • Adam Eaton

    Reading the article the first name that popped in my mind was Aries! I think EY and Aries can put on amazing matches like you said and with the characters of these two the story isn’t hard to tell with so many option and routes they could go.
    I agree with the other comments that a KOTM would be awesome to see at Slammiversary. What a better way to get back to the ways of old then to bring back their premire match!

  • O’m7

    I’d like KOTM to be part of the Bound for Glory series in some way, maybe reduce the number of competitors to 6 wit pre qualifying matches for those 6 slots, then thereafter have 6 different types of matches, full metal mayhem, escape the cage, lumberjack, kotm & so on as soon as a competitor has lost 3 bouts there out of the series, kind of like a 3 strikes your out rule & if someone gets 3 succesive wins first there into final of BFG automatically leaving the rest to fight out for remaining final place.
    MVP will be facing EY at Slamiversery after MVP’S heel turn, so they could have Aries join the WOLVES which would be interesting & could lead to a break with Aries & Wolves further down the line with a fued starting between AA & Davey Richards sometime next year, could make for some great matches.
    With Samuel Shaw in the loony bin it could lead to a good way of introducing new talent either a fellow patient or Therapist, someone like Silas Young, Bobby Fish or Ethan Page would be good for those roles IMO & could lead to a new tag team or they could just have Abyss as an outpatient getting counselling with same therapist or qroup therapy as Samuel Shaw & have them form a tag team.
    I have never been a huge fan of James Storm however he’s one bad ass heel & should get pushed for main event. Bobby Lashley is tough one & maybe for time being they could have him team with EC3 with the brilliant Spud as manager, it could help bring more personality out of Lashley. I’d also like TNA to team Kenny King & TJ Perkins together as the Pretty Boy Pitbull’s.

  • Sean Prem

    Hope to have Magnus continuing his project. He’s got a lot of potential and it would be sad to see that all ruined due to using him as a heel after a fantastic year beforehand. E Y needs a lot more strong matches to bury the tag ‘daniel bryan 2′

  • Jamie Corcoran

    MVP (heel)

    • Mark M

      Have heard about the heel MVP though personally i think TNA have enough good top level heels without adding MVP to the mix who only joined the company as a face a few months ago