Why TNA Hit The Mark With This Week’s Impact

My name is Jason and this is my first article for TNANews.com, and I will start off by saying that flat out, TNA raised the bar with this weeks episode of Impact. This company is continually building, the storylines get better and the wrestling itself was far and away better than anything have seen on WWE TV in months. Alone, the AJ Styles/Samoa Joe match (you got it early, Alex) was better than anything WWE put out this week. It wasn’t even the main event, which in itself was also spectacular.

Here are just some of my thoughts from this  great episode of Impact.

Bound for Glory Series

We all knew that the Bound For Glory Series was going to be great this year, and after watching Impact, it just got a lot better. Predictable, besides Christopher Daniels win over Hernandez, though engaging. I’m not for Jeff Hardy going over Roode, but I’m not the booker and that would be a tough match to call. If I’m the booker, I would keep Roode in the top five, which will elevate the series. Magnus is the currently leader with a predictable win over Kaz. I look for him to lead the series throughout, and an epic battle (or two) with Samoa Joe. Jay Bradley looked great against Austin Aries, who I see being one of the leaders of the pack this summer.

X Division

Disappointingly, there were no X-Division matches, though it was announced that there will be a three-way match on next week’s Impact for title featuring the champ Chris Sabin vs. Kenny King vs. Suicide. With Destination X (now an episode of Impact and NOT a PPV) around the corner, look for this division to heat up once again. Could we see Bully Ray vs Chris Sabin? The X-Division made TNA, and look for them to capitalize on the concept leading into the summer.


Somehow, I can’t be sold on Mickie James as a heel. That country-bumpkin persona just doesn’t coincide with the ‘mean bitch,’ persona that she’s trying to get over. With so many Knockouts on the roster gone (where the heck is Tara, Madison Rayne and Beth Tessmacher?), there was a heel-void to fill, and they needed someone to step in. How long could Gail Kim go on being the only heel Knockout. I’m not entirely sure why they haven’t used Gut-Check winner Taeler Hendrix, who is a phenomenal up-and-coming performer. While the WWE Women’s division is hurting, TNA has done an incredible job with their female talent. Diva’s, take notice, because the Knockouts are at the top of their game right now.

Main Event Mafia vs Aces & Eights

Sting has begun assembling what will be the epic group of the summer, the New Main Event Mafia. The predictable addition of Kurt Angle to the group at the conclusion of Impact left me giggling at the edge of my seat. Watching Sting butt heads with Bully Ray while he was in the Angle Lock was great. Let’s look for Sting to add more members in the weeks to come leading up to Bound for Glory.

Who would I like to see as a member of the new MEM? Obviously Samoa Joe and Magnus, though from a booking standpoint, you’d like to see them focused on the BFG series, however I do believe Abyss will be a future member, pulling ‘double-duty’ with Joseph Park in the BFG series. A Jeff Jarrett return as a member would set the company on fire.


This was a great episode of Impact. The slow-build of the Aces & Eights storyline has taken off, and it still evolves enough to keep us watching. This may be the last go-round for Sting, now surrounding himself with another faction. By doing this, and the fact the he no longer has a shot at the World Title, could he be working his way out of TNA and into WWE in time for Wrestlemania XXX.

Next week, I’ll take a look at Sting, his past, his future, his greatest rivalries, and the reason why I hope he never sets foot in a WWE ring.

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  • Jon

    raw was millions times better then tna this week by far

    • allan

      raw fucking sucked. tna is much better than that little kid shit.

    • jon is a dick

      fuck off you little prick kid

  • Jon

    tna pack way ot much into 2 hour show this week and impact wrestling was not good this week at all and the first 2 members of the mem has no logic to it at all

    • https://twitter.com/TNA_is_Best TNA_is_Best

      Let's keep this website clean. The one thing i cannot stand is going anywhere (YouTube, NFL, and here) and seeing someone call someone else a name because they don't agree with them. I can understand using a word when they are ranting about something they really don't like, but if you are going to call other people names for disagreeing with you, go somewhere else. Everyone has something to say and we can learn from them. I know I can learn something from you Jon, but I don't agree with your MEM statement. Both of the members were in the original MEM. It did seem like that Impact was much longer than two hours with how it went but I enjoyed it, especially the AJ/Joe match. It seemed like it was a hit to me, but why do you like Raw more? I know there must be a reason. I usually think WWE marks just like it more because WWE has the brand name and TNA is seen as lower competition. Am I wrong? What is better about Raw than TNA?

      • allan

        there is nothing better its shit and tna is great. and hes still a prick

  • steidman

    while i enjoyed the show, I did not enjoy the KO segment. That could have easily happened in a back stage segment in half teh time. The left over time could have been given to the BFG matches