Will AJ Styles Join Aces & 8s?

AJ Styles

It’s been a wild year for AJ Styles. For AJ it’s been a year full highs and lows, but mostly lows. We as fans will NEVER be able to for get that god awful Claire Lynch storyline no matter how hard we try. God knows we want to forget it but at the end of the day the Claire Lynch storyline may very well go down as the worst wrestling angle of all time. It’s true justice for AJ Styles though to see him go from what was an undeniably awful storyline to being the centerpiece in what could be TNA’s most interesting and compelling storyline currently featured on the show.

Last fall AJ Styles was pinned in a triple threat match where the loser would not be able to challenge for the TNA World Championship until Bound For Glory 2013. Extremely frustrated and understandably so AJ took his ball and went home. Can you really blame the guy? It’s been said many times that TNA is the house that AJ Styles built. For being the guy who is supposed to be the face of the company you would think he would have been featured better in the past few years. Taking AJ Styles off TV to give him a fresh start was one of the best possible things TNA could have done for his character.

Since returning to TNA AJ Styles has been a man of few words. AJ has managed to create a vibe about him that is almost impossible to pinpoint. Styles has become the most mysterious man not just in TNA but in all of professional wrestling. It’s great to see a storyline involving a wrestler everyone loves that keeps you guessing.

During his match against James Storm a few weeks back in Impact AJ showed an aggressive side, an adjusted moveset and ditched his usual blue outfit in favor of wearing all black. Storm and Styles put on a great match where AJ was booked to go over and rightfully so. Even though this match helped to showcase AJ Styles as a threat to the roster it still managed to maintain the mystery that surrounds him. Even though he came off as aggressive, angry and dark we weren’t any closer to knowing what the intentions of AJ Styles truly are.

TNA is currently at war with the Aces & 8s and has been for a while. There is no doubt that an AJ Styles on his “A game” could help TNA win the war against Aces & 8s but from the moment AJ returned his allegiance has been tested and teased in regards to both sides. Now we have not seen AJ have any sort of contact with the Aces & 8s since returning so Mr. Anderson’s claims that AJ will be patched in on Thursday could mean absolutely nothing. TNA has however set it up perfectly by highlighting the recent animosity between AJ Styles and Kurt Angle. The timing of the confrontations between AJ and Kurt have been perfect making us all ask the question is AJ working with Aces & 8s?

It’s great to see some mystery on a wrestling show and the AJ Styles storyline is one of the best things going at the moment. I myself am personally hoping that this whole thing somehow leads to AJ winning the title at Bound For Glory 2013 regardless of who he aligns himself with. AJ deserves another run with the belt and he is sure to have a great showing in the Bound For Glory series which is right around the corner. No matter what happens this Thursday’s Impact should be interesting to watch. On this weeks episode of Impact the AJ Styles saga will take the next step and move forward once again.

What do you think? Will AJ join Aces & 8s? Will AJ help TNA defeat Aces & 8s? Or will AJ Styles just continue to do “his own thing”?

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  • kyle

    in my many yrs of watching wrestling i have never been this clueless of what's going to happen, im a WWE fan but this one really got me wanting to tune in, may first of many tna shows too come.

  • iamjoshfoster

    This is definitely a storyline worth watching. It's been a long time since a there has been a great angle to keep people guessing and this one is doing a great job of keeping the mystery alive. I love both TNA and WWE equally but in the past year or so TNA has done a much better job with long term storylines. Check it out for this storyline and you might just find a few more that keep you watching. Hope you enjoy the show!

  • sian

    this is stupid

    • Alex Barie

      What is?