Willow: Mediocrity At Its Best


The first vignette of Willow had me interested. I was looking forward to seeing him debut. Which for me is surprising because I never liked Jeff Hardy. But I thought this was fresh character, it could bring something new, something different. Even my girlfriend who is not a wrestling fan was even interested this character. While I am still optimistic and interested in the character progression of Willow, I feel that TNA dropped the ball or at least it wasn’t what I was hoping.

Looking back on Jeff’s career to me he was never the best wrestler, never the best talker, and never really caught my interest. As a team with his brother, I was always more interested in Matt, he was always the better wrestler. My argument always was Jeff wouldn’t be able to do all his high flying moves if it wasn’t for Matt, and especially after he hit his swanton bomb after Matt’s twist of fate. When Jeff went solo, I always thought it was stupid he stole his brother’s finisher as a setup. Also Jeff would botch so many moves, missing his whisper in the wind more then he would actually connect, but the other wrestler always had to sell it. I never believed in him as I felt his popularity was just because he had colored hair and did a couple of flips and jump off ladders. I don’t think he ever deserved to be World Champion.

All of Jeff’s personal problems just made my disgust for him even more. I try not to judge people on personal choices, but seeing all these children look up to him and for him to just make wrong choices I didn’t understand how parents are supporting Jeff through their kids. I know I am going to sound like a total mark but during Jeff’s feud with CM Punk in WWE, I never understood how anyone could cheer for Jeff Hardy when everything CM Punk said was correct. I think I may be bias because I am straight edge myself. And Jeff’s incident where he showed up to a TNA PPV intoxicated against Sting I thought was ridiculous and disrespectful and he should have been fired on the spot.

Not that I got all my hateraide out, Jeff Hardy has been doing quite good since he got past all his demons. Still him as the “Jeff Hardy” character I am not interested in.  Enter Willow. I was excited I thought this could be amazing. I instantly started wondering how he would be, what kind of storylines would he do, what kind of effects are they going to put with him. Each vignette had me more interested. I was so excited then MVP announced his final team member as…. Jeff Hardy…what? This guy is debuting as Willow, how is this going to work?

When Willow debuted I was disappointed. I thought he would be a completely different character from Jeff Hardy, and now he is just an alter ego. It’s just Jeff under a mask. His outfit is the same just black and white instead of colorful and a Willow shirt instead of a Hardy shirt. I was completely disappointed when they kept saying Willow reminds them of Jeff Hardy but wouldn’t admit it was him, then went with admitting it was him, and back and forth. I honestly think that this character could have been more. I was hoping for more. Maybe my expectations were too high? Maybe because I still don’t think Jeff Hardy is a good wrestler. Willow entertains me, in his vignettes, his promos, and his storyline, I just cannot take him serious in the ring because I’m constantly reminded that under that mask is a MEDIOCRE wrestler.


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  • Yousuf Mohammed

    Jeff Hardy is one of the Greatest Wrestlers. Yes, Hardy has beat Kurt Angle, Triple H, Undertaker, Edge, CM Punk, etc. I think you’re a PG fan.

    • Adam

      What does me not liking Jeff Hardy have to do with being a PG fan? I am a wrestling fan. Hardy is not a great wrestler, he is popular. His skill set can improve a lot. He has to do all the flips and high flying because he can’t wrestle. The worst thing is he doesnt even connect with most of his moves and he always looks sloppy. Just because he was scripted to beat all those guys doesn’t make him great.

      • Johnny Medrano

        So I take it Rey Misterio sucks also?

        • Adam Eaton

          I think rey sucks now. I liked him in WCW and when he first went to the WWE but since 2006 he hasnt been the same. I know hes gotten older so he can’t do what he use to but I dont think he has adapted well.

          • rschell21

            I myself love Jeff hardy in fact he is my favorite wrestler. I do believe in fact he was kicked off of his wrestling team in high school because of the fact that he was on the road with his brother wrestling as a jobber in wwe at the age of 16 which is impressive in its own way. The reason he’s so popular is his loyalty to his fans and the fact that he has more balls than almost any wrestler ever. I mean what other wrestler would be like hey I’m gonna climb this 20 foot ladder and do a Swanton on that guy through a table just to make my fans happy. I’m probly way off your guys conversation I’m a little new at this I just wanted to put my 2 sense in it

          • Adam Eaton

            Opinions are always welcomed. I know Jeff Hardy has a lot of fans and I am not bashing his fans at all. Hell Cena is one of my favorite wrestlers. Do u know how many articles I read bashing Cena? A lot! Thanks for the read and keep letting us know your opinion.

          • rschell21

            He does get bashed a lot but you can’t help but respect cena he gives the business all he has and more

  • TT

    I’m a big Jeff Hardy fan so I disagree with your belief of him as a mediocre wrestler. Although some wrestlers Hart, Jericho, Angle etc are GOAT contenders and excellent technical wrestlers it isn’t a requirement to be a top wrestler did Hogan have a varied moveset or the late Warrior or what about Cena’s five moves of doom there are different ways to reach the top. Hardy’s extreme style is something many other wrestlers couldn’t comprehend he Matt and Edge and Christian and 3D built the TLC gimmick through their high risk entertaining style a swanton bomb off a ladder onto a guy on a table represents a great wrestler in my view. Same with promos Jeff isn’t on his own when it comes to some lacklustre promos (however he has made some quality ones look at his immortal heel run) Hardy’s willingness to put his body on the line during matches is the reason fans took him into their heart they knew with Jeff they would be entertained and to this end they were never disappointed his chase for the WWE title was one of the hottest stories of that year and gave a Jeff a well deserved pay-off at the end.

    In terms of the storyline with Punk well Punk was a heel who was pushing his views like a fundamentalist leader while at the same time portraying himself as some god like figure as well as mocking Jeff’s past battles with addiction was below the belt and so unduly received by the fans, I’m not straight edge (I don’t drink, smoke or take drugs but I also don’t follow the tatoo hardcore punk sxe culture) so I can’t comprehend why people would take such substances but Jeff is most definitely not the only wrestlers to have suffered such battles with addictions while Michaels and Orton suffered military controversy’s but nobody receives more criticism than Jeff Hardy and it seems very unfair and hypocritical to condemn just him but nobody else.

    In terms of Willow I do actually agree I wish there would be more differentiation between Hardy and Willow such as a new finisher or attire but at the same time his character has been very entertaining and on par promo wise with the majority of the other TNA stars.

    • Adam Eaton

      I did say Jeff has done well since he got past his demons and I respect him for that. I don’t follow the tatoo rock scene either but I did agree with everything Punk said. Just because Hardy jumps off ladders that doesnt make him a good wrestler. Can he be entertaining at times yes, but it doesn’t make him a great wrestler. I didnt even mention Hogan or the Warrior and John Cena is more then 5 moves. I just never saw the interest in Jeff. Maybe its just a difference in prefence.

      • TT

        On Hogan and Warrior what I was saying was that although they weren’t the greatest technically there is no doubt they are two of the greatest wrestlers. Maybe ladder dives doesn’t make a great wrestler but the majority of fans love it and for me if I had a choice between watching Jeff or a great technical wrestler but boring personality in Dean Malenko it would obviously be the charismatic enigma.

        • Adam Eaton

          I get what your saying. Malenko was a great wrestler and his matches with Jericho are something I still enjoy today (thanks to the network). Without an entertainer like Y2J malenko couldnt carry the feud. Jeff cant put on some crazy moments without a story. I think when I compare him to my favorites Punk, Jericho, Hart there is a big gap in my eyes.

          • TT

            Agree completely about Jericho arguably the best ever on the mic and criminally treated at WCW the 1004 moves Ted Turner conspiracy, Jericho personal security were hilarious, he should have been world champion at least once there.

          • Adam Eaton

            Jericho is the first wrestler I remember liking as a heel. When I was a kid I liked all the good guys. Except Jericho he was the only heel I liked. 1004 moves was classic.

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