Wrestlemania Axxess – Dixie’s Genius

Dixie Carter and myself at Wembley Arena, London, UK 30.01.10

Dixie Carter and myself at Wembley Arena, London, UK 30.01.10

Dixie Carter…. The president of TNA. The daughter of a millionaire, Robert Carter who purchased the company, to give it the financial muscle it had needed. TNA were able to invest in gaining superstars of the wrestling industry, such as Jeff Hardy and Team 3D. But what is the general view of one of the figure heads of TNA?

Let’s not try to give ourselves a deluded perception. The general conception is that she isn’t quite effective in the wrestling world. Just like Stephanie McMahon, she’s unable to portray an effective character, which this goes against her. But putting that aside, she has a strong point that makes her a standout. In the innovation, of rebranding wrestling, she has helped renovate the wrestling industry. That is, the interaction of people of the wrestling business with the fans. That alone, surely ranks Dixie credentials to respectable levels. Really… prior to TNA’s much coveted fan interaction events, the chances of meeting wrestling superstars was limited. The majority of opportunities despite the odd autograph signing session, would be to bump into the wrestlers at a diner, disturbing their much needed meal time. The wrestlers would often be grumpy and determined to eat, with fans disturbing them, leading their meals to become cold, or for an abrupt end of their meeting.  Such a major contrast, specially as wrestling was at its optimum before TNA arrived into the wrestling world (as discussed in my previous article).

The concept of fans interacting with figures in wrestling brings a positive vibe for the fans, that will correlate for a good outcome for the wrestling product. We saw that at the wwe raw following Wrestlemania and Wrestlemania Axxess, which I attended all three. One of the positive things that Dixie has introduced is by sitting amongst the wrestling fans during wrestling events. It’s a smart tactic, that helps to restate that TNA is indeed a show for the wrestling fans. It lead to popular trending debates “Vince McMahon Jr may be a genius, but he would never sit amongst the wrestling fans, Dixie Carter cares for the fans”. With WWE developing an image of distancing itself from wrestling and becoming about entertainment during the PG era, the wrestling fans would appreciate the sense of feeling of being catered for. It was a feeling achieved in ECW, with the likes of Sandman entering the arena through the crowd, and with some wrestling brawls extending to the fans areas. Dixie Carter, just sitting down on a seat, has signalled her biggest attribute, bravo!

These fan interaction events are a joy for us. These events are arranged coinciding with a big wrestling show to help draw the maximum attendance. Ive been to TNA fan interaction events  as shown in the first picture, which are a great opportunity in meeting superstars. I had the opportunity of talking to the legendary Earl Hebner and the talented Hernandez. Dixie Carter had the TNA World Heavyweight championship, and allowed each fan to pose in a picture with her while holding the title. A smart tactic where I think Vince McMahon Jr would be calling for security in similar circumstances…. She left herself exposed to any question by fans which could leave her vulnerable. However there were people to assist her in this, for example, I asked that the channel that at the time would broadcast TNA in the UK,’ Bravo’, of Sky TV, needs to televise the pay per views for the UK fans. She was able to direct me to the president of the then channel,  ‘Bravo’ who assured me they would work on the problem, and the rest is history. This again portrays Dixie’s image as the wrestling president whose determined to deliver for the people.

Me posing with 3MB at Wrestlemania Axxess 04.04.13

Me posing with 3MB at Wrestlemania Axxess 04.04.13

I have just attended my first events of Wrestlemania Axxess, which was overall fantastic. I had the chance to meet many wrestlers which was unbelievable. There were a range of themes in how wrestlers can be met including having an official photograph with a specific wrestling icon, that can be accessed via WWE.com. Along with categories for the individuals between divas, superstars and legends. Then there’s a show put on for the fans waiting to greet their selected superstars within the arena section. I got to see Chris Jericho and CM Punk do some fantastic promos, that says it all. These events are annually improving, as it’s a relatively new experience for the fans. There are still improvements needed at these events, but considering the opportunity to interact with wrestlers is mesmerising, these events have been a good addition to the wrestling industry of all companies. Dixie has written her name into the history for all wrestling companies. With the current trend of TNA improving and seemingly following my advice, after I’ve published my blogs (can be seen via: http://www.tnanews.com/author/sprem/) I hope TNA continues to improve their fan interaction events to gear us up for the wrestling show.  Thank you Dixie Carter.

By Sean Prem


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  • Numero Uno

    i remember last year i went to a live Impact show in August. Before the show Dixie goes around and talks to everyone before the show begins. I didn't notice her til i got tapped on the shoulder and i looked up and she was right there. She is very nice and is open to suggestions too.

  • http://www.tnanews.com/wrestlemania-axxess-dixies-genious/ Sean Prem

    -Numero Uno:Dixie likes to greet the fans which is a good aspect she has, interacting with the fans, making them feel more welcomed

    -Soul_fool: She does lack alot of wrestling knowledge, and is just the name used to try to have the 'authority figure' icon in the business, even though it's her dad who owns the company. But interacting with the fans does help. As you've highlighted, thats her only positive trait

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