WWE HOF The Class Of TNA

This seems fitting due to the time of year, here’s my view on who should in time make the cut into the WWE hall of fame, from either people currently with TNA or who finished their career (mainstream at least) with TNA

Head of Class – Kurt Angle

Angle is everything you would want from a pro wrestler. He looks like a champion, he can do the moves believably, he can talk and he has possible the best real life gimmick to use for a pro wrestler. Every step of his career he has looked gold. Even when he wasn’t using his silky wrestling moves he has battled people on the mic. Had Kurt of not gone to TNA after his run with WWE and he just retired I feel he would already of headlined the WWE HOF. I glad he did choose to go to TNA though because some of his best sports entertainment work has come in TNA and when he does finally hang up his gum shield I for one will love watching his induction into the HOF. Its true, its damn true.

The Dudley’s

Bully Ray and Devon, the greatest tag team that’s ever lived, that alone gets them an auto pass into the HOF. I’ve watched these guys from the beginning. The dancing, stuttering Buh Buh Ray Dudley all the way to World Heavyweight champion. I’ve had nearly twenty year of entertainment from Big Daddy Dudley’s children, and it seems they have just hit their peak. I would make it a 3 man induction because Spike/Runt needs a mention.

The Hardy’s

Jeff is a Disney film waiting to be written. A lifelong wrestling fan who along side his brother set up their own wrestling events on a trampoline, wrestling for the WWE underage and rising the ranks until he became the World Champ, only for him to throw it all away. Whether it be no shows, drugs, fires or any other demons Jeff seemed heel bent on destroying his dream, but that’s only half of the movie. He has clawed his way back to the very top and what better way to finish his movie than with a HOF ring. Matt has faced some similar demons to his brother and he may never get his chance for redemption, however its fair to say, he’s the only reason we have Jeff Hardy, and in all honesty if we didn’t have Matt and Jeff, would Edge or the Dudleys of had as much of an impact. The first TLC match made 6 HOf’ers its just 5 of them need to collect their rings.

Diva  - Tara/Victoria

When we had woman wrestlers in the 80′s they were fighters, some of them looked scarier than the men, all the ‘pretty’ ones were used as valet’s then we got the AE. We had the birth of Diva’s. Women who looked like models yet they fought. The problem is none of these super model wrestlers screamed tough, until Victoria. Not only did she look like a model she had an air of bad ass. As much as Trish is viewed as the original diva, Victoria/Tara IMO should be viewed as the first anti diva.

Jeff Jarrett

Would Jeff be on this list had TNA never of been born? I’d say yes. While he was never really a main eventer in WWE he did have some memorable feuds and matches. He was always someone I enjoyed watching. Then he created TNA, he filled the void left by the death of WCW and ECW. So even if Vince doesn’t want Jeff in the HOF, we as fans should start a petition for it, because if it wasn’t for Double J, we wouldn’t have a main stream alternative wrestling fix.

Eric Bischoff

Controversy creates cash, and ultimately EB’s attempt at over throwing the mighty Vince not only ended up making Vince a ton of money it also made some very happy wrestling fans. Look at this years HOF inductee’s, had we of not had Bisch would we of needed a Trish or a Foley. And would Booker T of even made it to the big time? Many people don’t like what they know of Eric, but he deserves his place up there. His quest to over throw WWF may of killed WCW however if he hadn’t of started that, WWF may not be still here anyways. Wrestling needed the AE and the Monday Night Wars and for that I believe we as fans should celebrate and thank Eric Bischoff.

Celebrity Wing – Sting

I know I know  he’s not a celebrity, he’s a wrestler but I couldn’t put in J Woww or Pac Man Jones and other that the very last WCW Sting has never wrestled under a WWF/WWE contract. I can’t tell if he’s the best ever but many people think he is. Again Sting is someone I’ve watched for almost 20 years and he has brought me tons of enjoyment. It would be nice if Vince could strike a deal to have Sting and Taker both inducted into next years HOF and then to face off in the ultimate retirement match – streak vs icon. Both mens last hurrah.

Faction – ECW

I would really love ECW to be inducted into the HOF, yes the full company or at least its big names. So we would have Paul E. Dangerously (Heyman) from WWE but 99% of the others were last seen on TNA, People like RVD, Tazz, Jerry Lyn, Shane Douglas, Sabu. Raven, Rhyno, Tommy Dreamer and maybe just as a push the last ever ECW champion, (albeit in WWE and still with WWE) the instant classic Christian Cage*

*I know Christian dropped the title the Big Zeke Jackson, however that was just a way to retire the belt, so in my eyes Christian was the last ever ECW champ.


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  • Ricky

    Jeff Jarrett with never be in the WWE Hall Of Fame. Not after all the crap he pulled after he was fired from the WWF before running to WCW. Jarrett to me is an egotisticle ass who inthe early days of TNA hogged the NWA title and FORCED himself into the stoplight. He keeps doing the same thing, making himself part of a major storyline to force the fans to give two shits about him. Then when Sting was inducted into the TNA Hall of Fame, he tweeted saying how his feelings where hurt that it wasn't him. Sorry but for my respct level for Jeff Jarrett

    IT'S NEGATIVE 9000!!!!!!!