Which WWE Wrestler TNA Should Hire – 3/12/14

Who TNA Should Hire


TNA should hire Pac. Pac’s nickname is the man that gravity forgot. I see this as a very fitting nickname for him. Every time I watch Pac, it is a delight. I always know that I am in for a treat. This man is a true star in terms of athleticism and in-ring work. I watched the latest NXT that is available on WWE Network and his “Anything is Possible” speech proved that he has skills on the microphone. I believe Pac has very much potential in this business. With WWE, he does not do as much running and show as much athleticism as in Dragon Gate. In WWE and TNA, it seems the companies want you to pick out your two best moves and use those. Even so, seeing him in NXT is incredible. His finisher move off the top rope is truly spectacular. Just think, with this roster, who he could have a rivalry with. He could rival with Amazing Red. He could rival with Ricochet. He could rival with Tigre Uno. He could rival with Diamante. Maybe he could even feud with Matt Sydal. Pac, or who is now called Adrian Neville in the WWE, is a true star in the making and I am very excited to follow his career.

Who TNA Should Fire


TNA should fire Brooke. I want to make this clear. I have nothing personally against Brooke. For every one that is hired, one has to leave. Except for the months of January and February, that is, when the Knockout division was being rebuilt. We have seen that ever since Bully Ray broke up with her, she has no longer been on TNA Impact Wrestling. I think TNA is a great product without her and does not need her. This is not to say that there is no way she could be of benefit. But if someone has to go, Brooke should be the one.

How this current roster works is everyone who has been hired from past “Who TNA Should Hire And Fire” articles are on the list. Everyone who has been fired from past “Who TNA Should Hire And Fire” articles are not on the list. Everyone who has been hired by the real TNA Wrestling and I have not fired is still on the list. Here is the updated roster.

AJ Styles
Alex Shelley
Amazing Red
Angelina Love
Anthony Nese
AR Fox
Austin Aries
Brian Kendrick
Bobby Roode
Bobby Lashley
Bully Ray
Chris Sabin
Christy Hemme
Davey Richards
Dragon Lee
Eddie Edwards
Ethan Carter III
Gail Kim
Greg Marasciulo
Hector Guerrero
Ivelisse Velez
James Storm
Jay Lethal
Jeff Hardy
Jeremy Buck
Jeremy Borash
Jimmy Yang
Kenny King
Kurt Angle
La Sombra
Madison Rayne
Matt Sydal
Max Buck
Mickie James
Mike Tenay
Paul London
Petey Williams
Roderick Strong
Samuel Shaw
Sonjay Dutt
Taryn Terrell
Tigre Uno
Velvet Sky
Willie Urbina

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  • jblack424

    Couple things. For one two hour show that roster is way too huge. Also pac / Neville is signed to wwe. Thats like saying sign cena , bryan, cesaro, or whole shield. If tna got an hour show on different night or added an hour to impact this might still be to many. I personally agree on talent you like though

  • Christopher Bell

    The point of this month is to say who I would hire from WWE… they are supposed to be hired from WWE… it’s saying out of the roster from WWE, if TNA could take a few stars, who should they take? As far as the roster goes, you might have a point. The real roster has 50 and my roster has 58.This is likely due to the months of January and February when Knockouts were hired but no one was fired.

  • TT

    EC3 when he was known as Derrick Bateman in WWE was pretty big I honestly thought he would make the main roster but for some reason WWE turned him into a jobber before releasing him which is where TNA made a great move signing a new star to a great gimmick. Pac would also be in that mould but I think unlike EC3 the powers that be have confidence in Pac as they let him win the title at the nxt live show. But then again him, Sami Zayn and a few others in nxt have been there a while and before that were seasoned indy performers but have not been called up while someone boring like Rusev seems to be moving up.

    • Maddox

      PAC is not yet ready for the main roster

  • Sean Prem

    I really do like how you review wrestlers of the future. WWE are creating potential stars and rather than TNA doing the old trend of signing ex WWE stars, which had lead them to reviewing their financial approach, getting young stars and developing them is surely a better idea