You’re Knocking Tito Ortiz Before He’s Done Anything?

So the August 1st warnings were sent by none other than Bellator fighter Tito Ortiz. Well, that means as it wasn’t Goldberg, Lashley or Zach Gowen, no one will ever watch TNA ever again because they have been let down. Why don’t they just call it TNA: Bellator, because they are virtually the same thing now. Or why don’t we just put gloves on the wrestlers and have one big company.

You have probably sensed a slight bit of sarcasm in that opening statement. But the backlash against TNA’s newest recruit has been nothing short of staggering. The man didn’t say anything, or particularly do anything, but the facial expressions of both the MEM and Aces and Eights helped sell the fact that nobody expected the former UFC Light-Heavyweight champion to walk out onto the ramp.

So with no idea of what Mr Ortiz will be doing with TNA, except that fact that we know he faces a fight with Rampage Jackson later in the year for Bellator, why are people so negative about his arrival?

From what I have seen of Tito Ortiz, in and out of the Octagon, he seems like great fighter, and an intelligent man from all I have seen of him on the Celebrity Apprentice. The man also knows how to market himself, as he is one of the biggest MMA fighters ever.

All I am worried about is how they use Ortiz. From the brawl at the end of this week’s Impact, it is clear to me that Rampage needs to work on his Wrestling basics a lot more. His snap was weak, and his shots looked like they wouldn’t hurt Hornswaggle. That is something that can be improved though, and it is something we will look out for when/if he makes his in-ring debut.

So what can we expect Ortiz to do now he is on the Impact roster?

Well, they will undoubtedly use Impact to hype the fight between Jackson and Ortiz on November 2nd, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has some kind of input into the Five on Five, loser leaves TNA match in two weeks at Hardcore Justice. In my eyes, I think he will become an enforcer for Aces and Eights, especially as I can’t help but think they will be losing a member in two weeks, at this time probably Knux.

But as I wrote last week, it is not as if TNA is in a massive crisis. Yes there are cuts, but you have cuts in all companies all around the world, especially when those people don’t seem to be bringing much to the company. They have a talented roster, and there are superstars in the company who are more than capable of training Ortiz and Rampage if they so desire.

One thing that helps is that they won’t have the pressure of constant PPV matches every month. They can develop characters without people complaining that they have spent $50 on a PPV to see them. One thing TNA does well is character development, and I don’t see that changing in the near future.

I just hope that we don’t see is something where TNA try and create an MMA style match. The only time that has been successful, in my opinion, was when Ken Shamrock defeated Owen Hart in a ‘Lion’s Den Match’ back at Summerslam 1998. If TNA did go down this route, it may take away from the actual Bellator bout.

In my eyes, they should send both Rampage and Ortiz down to OVW, and let them train there for a few months, and come back after their back before they embark on any kind of serious in-ring work.

Let’s just give Ortiz time before we start the TNA bashing, and remember, nobody forces you to watch it.


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  • Wrecklesdischarge

    Good points, I seriously doubt Jackson or Ortiz will do much wrestling. I know Jackson has a match but its a five on five with plenty of real talent especialy on his team, six he wont have to do much.

  • TNA Chris

    I hope bischoff loses

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